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Meow Pussy Cats

Just a little info on my Make Up Tutorials. The You tube video’s that I create are picture based with instructions. How many times have you watched a tutorial with so much chat going on that you actually forget what was said, and then had to go back to the beginning. I was trying to make and Asian sweet dish and tried to do it by watching the tutorial, the amount of times I had to keep going  back. If the cooking tutorial had been made like one of my videos then I could have stopped on each step and just simply read what to do next.

My video’s have been created with a lot of time and effort and I have tried making them as easy as I can. Each step has been Pictured and then loaded on to a program called Adobe Premier Elements 8. Once it has been loaded I edit each picture, and then add the instructions.I try to make the instructions very easy and clear.  So all you guys have to do is Play, Pause, Copy and play again. When I add music to the video’s I  try to match the song with the look so you get a feel of the look while I create it through the video. I know the music may not be to every ones choice, can’t please every one.  I love a variety of world music ranging from reggae, Latin Jazz, Instrumental, pop, rock and so on. If the beat makes me move then its good! I hope you enjoy watching my tutorials. I have fun making them and putting them together. If you like what you see  on my tutorials then please subscribe to my channel so that you get to see all my new tutorials. You could follow me on twitter cozimworthit2, You tube cozimworthit1.

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