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Avon Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation 6g £10.50

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The Avon Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation is 100% derived mineral pigments, its light powder coverage and is for all types of skin from oil, normal and combination. The colour is Ivory being the lightest and then Nude, Shell, Sand Beige, Medium Beige and Nutmeg. Ask your Avon representative to order you some sample foundation sachets or Ask to use the Foundation Shade finder which has all the different foundations and the shades.

Avon Foundation Shade Finder

Avon Foundation Colour samples.

I actually went a shade darker as I tried the sample medium beige and thought it was too light for me. To achieve that tan glow I went for Nutmeg.  At first when I opened the foundation the colour looked like it would be too dark for me. After using this  I realized that not only is it such a light powder that you don’t need much on the brush. Even the lightest brush across the face gave me a glow.  Its packed in a container which looks like a Salt and pepper pot.  All you have to do, is tip the container over with the lid on and then tip back and just shake any that you don’t want to use. Take some on the brush and tap off on the lid and then brush on to your face. Using a foundation brush will help start at the middle of your fore head and then all over. Keep taking some on the brush and tapping it off in the lid. Don’t forget to brush some on your neck too.  Also the foundation brush  is half price in brochure 6.

After using the Avon Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation I found that I actually had a bit of an Arabian glow. I have always had a problem finding the right colour for me but with the Avon sample and the Avon Foundation Shade finder I found the right colour for me.

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Comments on: "Avon Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation Review" (6)

  1. hiii!:) what’s the shade of the mineral foundation in the first picture?

    • Hi Sarah,

      The Smooth Mineral Foundation in the picture is called Nutmeg, that’s the one I use.

      Any more queries, please message me and I will try my best to help you.

      Many thanks

  2. wow, thanks for the fast reply. im contemplating between the colours:/ Are you fair skinned by the way?

    • Hi Sarah,

      I am quite fair skinned. If it make it easier check out my Sally Halloween tutorial just for a rough idea of the colour I am. link below.

      And then check out my recent make up tutorial where I have used Nutmeg Smooth Mineral foundation Link below. I hope this helps.

      Do you have an Avon Representative? If you do ask him or her for a few foundation colour samples and then you could try the colours out before buying them.
      I am an Avon Rep and even I tried a couple of samples first. So you to can try before you buy!

      Many Thanks

  3. Hi, there. I’m a new Avon rep, and I was wondering where I can ge one of the those Foundation Shade Finder swatches like you show in the first picture. That would be extremely useful in helping customers find a suitable shade without wasting a lot of product on hit and miss. Please let me know. It doesn’t seem to be available for purchase anywhere. ::sad face::


    • Hi there, I ordered this ages ago. Avon usually display things like this in your First look brochures.
      I have had a look and it seems like they don’t do them anymore. Maybe you can contact your area manager who might be able to help with your query.
      Kind Regards

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