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Ding Dong “Avon Calling”

Hi a short video of AVON products

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Unique Wooden Pendants

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These unique wooden pendants have been made out of natural wood. They have been crafted into shapes and then decorated with Swarovski gems. Each pendant has been nourished with a clear oil to bring out the natural grain of the wood. Finally the pendants are sealed and finished with a high-gloss-spar varnish to protect the pendant from heat,water and UV light that would otherwise cause the colours to fade.

P1050017 P1050018 P1050028 P1050051 P1050068 P1050073 P1050075 P1050077 P1050082

Check them out on http://www.bizybee.co.uk

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Barefoot Crystal Beaded Sandals/ Toe Thongs

Hey guys, these are must have for summer, holidays even your special day or  any occasion. They look stunning on your feet and make a beautiful party accessory. Wear them with sandals, with out sandals with pumps high heels, adorn your evening shoes with these and make heads turn.

Wear them to your yoga and belly dancing classes!

So many colours to choose from, and even bespoke crystal beaded toe thongs are available. Just follow the simple measuring instructions at http://www.bizybee.co.uk a fab on line shop with handmade gifts for you at affordable prices and no delivery charges. Note UK delivery only.

Barefoot beaded sandals have been specially hand crafted with glass, crystal and Swarovski beads. The barefoot sandals are now with elastic anklets making them easier to wear.


P1040475_edited-1 P1040562_edited-4 P1040585 P1040589 P1040598 P1040602 P1040622_edited-2 P1040631_edited-2 P1040758 P1040764 P1040807 P1040811 P1040813 P1050231_edited-1 P1050233_edited-2 P1050245

P1050249_edited-1 P1050251 P10406541


What are you waiting for those happy feet can look even more beautiful with Bizybee’s Bare Foot Sandals.

Please note that free  UK delivery only.

If you are interested in these barefoot sandals and you are not living in the  UK  then message me with your address and I will find out the cost of delivery charge to send them to you.

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Bollywood Dulhan Style Outfits, Make Up and Jewellery

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Brides to be will normally contrast and team up their jewellery to match perfectly with their outfit and make-up.

There are so many shops and on line shopping sites where you can buy Asian jewellery. Shop around usually some shops will have the outfits as well as the jewellery, shoes and handbags to match.

Traditionally families would have the bride where all the gold she has received by her parents and by her in-laws.  As times have changed more and more ladies now match their outfits with beautiful fashion jewellery.

It’s your day so you choose whether you want to be the modern or traditional bride here’s a slide show of a few of my favourites.

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Bollywood, Indian, Pakistani Bridal Make Up and Jewellery 2011

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Here are just a few of my favourite Asian Brides Make Up and jewellery.  We dream of that perfect day and want to look the business. Indian and Pakistani weddings the bride usually wears bright colour clothing with red and maroon being the traditional colours, this is then contrasted with the jewellery, shoes and hair and make up. Choices are endless and there is so many professional make up artist that will do your make up and hair and will also do a trail run for you.

Here is my collection of images that I found, The models are so beautiful and they all look fabulous. Hope you like this slide show.

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Five Minute Make Over Simple Steps For A Sexy Evening Look.

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Hey guys if you just haven’t got the time to experiment with new ideas, then try this quick routine for evening sophistication. The key is to choose a simple look with minimum fuss when you are racing the clock. This is the five minute simple steps to a sexy look.

Five minutes to go……

Take a foundation brush and smooth over some mineral foundation. Try  Avon Smooth Minerals all over your face. It’s such a light weight foundation and so easy to apply.  Smooth over the minerals foundation over your eye lids and across your lips.

Avon Smooth Minerals and foundation brush

Four minutes to go…….

Go for a brown eye shadow as this will bring out the colour of your eyes. Try the In a Blink Eye Shadow And Liner in Espresso colour. The Espresso colour will give your eyes a sexy sultry finish. Put the Espresso colour eye shadow all over your eye lid right up the crease of the eye socket.

in a blink eye shadow The colour is Teal shown in picture. (Choose the colour Espresso))

Three and half minutes to go…….

A cool way to blend your eye shadow is to brush over the top with translucent loose powder . This will tone down the colour and blend away the harsh edges. If you do not have translucent powder then try a beige or cream colour eye shadow just under the eyebrows. And then with the pencil side outline your eye under the lower lash line and inside the water line.

Avon ideal-shade-loose-powder

Two and half minutes to go……..

Apply a coat of mascara to your lashes. Don’t forget to colour the bottom lashes with the tip of the mascara wand. By using the tip you can avoid the mascara from clogging onto your eye lashes.

Avon Supershock Mascara

One and half minutes to go………

Add your blusher, apply it with a blusher brush. Sweep it from your cheeks up towards your eyes to give your face lift. choose a berry colour or try Avon True Colour Blush in Russet or Soft Plum. If you don’t know what colour to choose then why not go for Avon blush Duo it comes with a darker shade that defines the cheeks and a lighter paler shade for the highlights.

Avon blush duo

True Colour Blush









30 seconds to go……..

Add the final touch to you sexy evening look. Go for a colour that will give you a instant bold colour to your look. Try Avon Ultra Colour Rich 24k Gold Lipstick in Ruby in gold or even Amethyst Gold.  And now you are ready to go.

Avon-Ultra-Colour-rich-24k-Gold-Lipstick (Ruby in Gold)

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Bollywood Actresses in Bridal wear

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Here is my pick of some Bollywood Actresses in beautiful bridal wear and jewellery.

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Ashwariya Rai Bhachan

Bollywood Actress Rani Mukaraji

Bollywood Actress Rekha

Bollywood Actress Karishma Kapoor

Bollywood Actress Juhi Chawla

Bollywood Actress Pretty Zinta

Bollywood Actress Kareena Kapoor

Bollywood Actress Ashwariya Rai Bhachan

Here’s my You Tube video copying my favourite actress Rekha’s Make up.

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