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New Floral Fabric Soft Cushion Owls 2015

My latest additions of floral fabric owl cushions.

Make fabulous presents for all those owl lovers out there.

Cute and adorable and in many colours!

P1070495 P1070500 P1070503 P1070510 P1070514 P1070517

£8.00 each + £2.80 2nd class postage

You can buy these at http://www.bizybee.co.uk

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Handmade Swirly Silver Plated Toe Rings 2014

New swirly silver plated toe rings handmade from Jewellery wire and faceted, glass, crystal beads.

Silver Plated Swirly Toe Rong

Perfect for those summer toes.

Show them off on holiday.

Perfect for a gift at affordable prices and no delivery charges.

Check out more colours and designs at http://www.bizybee.co.uk or watch the video below.


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Hadeel Dahabiyya 5th Day On The River Nile 2011

Meow Pussy Cats

The 5th day on the river Nile was just sailing slowly along the River and not stopping anywhere. Today we just chilled out all day. We enjoyed the weather the breeze and the fantastic River Nile views. I am going to take this opportunity to show pictures of some of the Hadeel staff, the spectacular views and landscapes that we saw as we drifted slowly down the Nile. We took so many pictures I found it hard to choose which one’s to put on the slide show. Hope you enjoy these pictures taken on our adventures in Egypt 2011.

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The Hadeel Dahabiyya 7 Day Nile Cruise (4th day)

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4th day on the River Nile 20 September 2011.

Today we visited EL Kab and the temple of Horus in Edfu. The Hadeel moored up while we took a donkey ride  to the outstanding preserved temple of EL Kab.

We all climbed onto donkey’s and as I have never sat on a donkey before it was very tricky and  quiet amusing for the Hadeel staff and the people in the village.  Eventually I was sat on top of a baby donkey and with the help of the Hadeel staff the ride got a little better. We travelled through the small village. The El Kab Temple was not that far.

Pictures of me on Donkey.

El Kab formerly called Nekhab. The site offers the intriguing remains from prehistoric times right through to Pharaonic period. The inside of this temple still showed beautiful colours used. We got to see the very well preserved ancient mud brick walls as we walked back from the Temple. We had donkey’s waiting for us but I preferred the walk that way I got to speak to the little girls of the village. They were every so sweet selling there cute baskets that they had made. The girls and boys not only appreciate money but small gifts such as pens, pencils etc. So if you ever do a Nile Cruise please take some small gift for these kids. It was very sad when we left as the girls had learnt my name in that short space of time and shouted it out with a goodbye.

El Kab and the shrines in Edfu

Me and some of the girls in Edfu

After Lunch we moored up further down the Nile and took a kalesh that was waiting for us to see The Temple of Horous. The tale of Isis, Osiris and Horus was that in the beginning the world was divided between Osiris and his brother Seth. Seth was unhappy with his part as it mainly consisted of desert. Seth murdered Osiris to gain his half. Isis the sister and wife of Osiris initially recovered Osiris’s body. This made Seth mad and he recaptured his body and chopped into many pieces which he buried all across the country.

Temple of Horus

Isis collected all the pieces  and bandaged together to form the first mummy.  With the help of some other gods , Osiris was bought briefly back to life, long enough for Isis to conceive. Isis bought up her son Horous in secret. Eventually Horous sought out Seth and vanquished him in a titanic struggle, bringing order and prosperity to Egypt.

Temple of Horus

Here are some more pictures on taken at El Kab and the Temple of Horus.

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7 Day Nile Cruise Gebel El Silsila (3rd Day)

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19th September 2011 (Our 3rd day on the River Nile)

Today was a more relaxing day as we sailed on towards Edfu. Gebel EL Silsila is a rarely visited site that was used for centuries as a quarry for the construction of Egypt’s most glorious temples. You can still see some shrines cut out of the rock. The cut out shrines were dedicated to the pharohs across the dynasties. The Gebel El Silsila also has a small chapel from the time of Hatshepsut. Some of the rocks have great big holes through which ropes were used to lower the cut stone down to the boats on the river Nile. You can see in some of the pictures how thick each cut was, some of them looked like a cheese cutter had cut through them.  It is truly amazing how they managed to move such big stones onto the Nile, and then were used to construct beautiful temples. Also there is never a shortage of local people who will pose for your pictures for a small price.

Some of the locals posing in one of the shrines at Gebel El Silsila

Gebel El Silsila

You can still see the colours on the ceilings inside the rock cut shrines at Gebel El Silsila

Some of the locals showing us the big holes in the mountains

After visiting Gebel El Silsila  we sailed down the Nile and stopped at an island and had an el fresco lunch. We then sailed further down the Nile and stopped at an island called Fawaza. On this island we had an Egyptian barbecue. It was definitely lazeez gidan (very delicious). None of the bigger cruise boats stop at these islands.

El fresco lunch on the Nile.

Some staff from the Hadeel getting the Egyptian barbecue ready

Here are some of the pictures of Gebel El silsila and the el fresco barbecue.

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7 Day Nile Cruise Kom Ombo, Temples (2nd Day)

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Sunday 18th September 2011 (Our 2nd day on the Nile)

Today the Hadeel Dahabiyya set sail early in the morning after a lovely breakfast outside on the lower deck. Plenty of fruits, cakes, breads, cereals and the chef on the ready to make our omelets for breakfast.

The Chef Ibrahim ready to cook our omelets

As we sailed down the Nile we stopped at a nearby beach were we got off to have a swim in the Nile.

Swimming in the River Nile

At around 4pm we arrived to the north of Kom Ombo and we set off to see the temple of Sobek and Haroeris.  Inside the temples, the painted carvings and hieroglyphics still have some colour on them. As we were leaving  the sun set and gave  the temples a beautiful glow.

Kom Ombo Temple of Sobek and Haroeris.

The Sobek and Haroeris  Ptolemaic temples are  dedicated to two different gods.  One side of the temple is dedicated to Sobek the god of the Nile  and believed to be the god of fertility he was normally represented by a crocodile. The other side of the temple is dedicated to the falcon god Haroeris  To reflect this dual dedication the temple is essentially mirrored down the central line. The two entrances are perfectly symmetric, everything is the same right down to the twin sanctuaries. The temples shows off the two gods’ coronations as rulers of upper and lower Egypt. Outside the temple walls but within the original enclosure is the Chapel of Hathor.

Here is the slide show of more great pictures that we took in Kom Ombo.

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The Hadeel Dahabiyya 7 Day Nile Cruise 2011 (1st Day)

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We visited Egypt a few weeks ago in September 2011. The trip was fantastic and we had such a great time that I thought I would do a review on the sail boat that we travelled upon down the Nile in style. The small sail boat is called Hadeel Dahabiyya. The Hadeel Dahabiyya has 8 cabins but while we were there, only 2 cabins were booked so there was only one more couple, us,  12 members of staff and our guide. The staff were brilliant and soon become our friends as we travelled down the Nile. We booked through a company called Audley Travel. They have lots of experienced people who can give you first hand advice on your holiday.  They are very friendly and will build you a  tailor-made  itinerary in the best way possible.  This is the link to Audley Travel www.audleytravel.com

This is the Hadeel Dahabiyya.

Hadeel Dahabiyya

The Hadeel has a lower and upper deck. A  jacuzzi on the lower deck  and a swing seat on the upper deck. It is a very spacious sail boat. It has sunbeds and shaded areas. The inside of the sail boat is air-conditioned. Travelling along the River Nile on this boat was brilliant. Many other ships and boats passed and took pictures of this very beautiful little quaint  boat. The Hadeel truly stood out on the Nile as it didn’t look like the other cruise ships, it looked more like a big felucca. Small boats like the Hadeel often stop on islands that the other boats don’t stop at. We stopped to have an al fresco lunch and a barbecue. If you want to cruise down the Nile in style then I recommend the Hadeel Dahabiyya sail boat.

The upper deck of the Hadeel Dahabiyya

Lower deck on the Hadeel Dahabiyya

Inside of the Hadeel Dahabiyya

We Stayed at the Movenpick Hotel in Aswan. This hotel is located on the famous Elephantine island.  The sail boats and ferries dock on the other side of the river to the Movenpick.  The thirteenth floor of this hotel, which is a bar and restaurant, had a fantastic panoramic  view of  Aswan a  Nubian village and the Botanical Gardens. We boarded the Hadeel Dahabiyya early on Saturday morning 17th September 2011. Once we met the manager, our guide for the next 7 days and some of the staff we were ready for our first sight-seeing. We caught a river ferry to the Nubian village, and the Hadeel Dahabiyya stayed moored at Aswan.

Movenpick Hotel in Aswan

As we went along the River Nile we saw the Cataract Hotel located on the city side of the Nile.  This is where Agatha Christie stayed and wrote her novel Death On The Nile.

The Cataract Hotel

We travelled through a nature reserve on the way to the Nubian village and our guide knew all the different types of birds. Unfortunately he told us so many names that I can’t remember them all now, but we took pictures and it was as if the birds had been told to pose for us.

Nature Reserve along the River Nile

Nature Reserve along the River Nile

Elephantine Island get its name  because the rocks and stones look like elephants.

Elephantine Island Aswan

At the Nubian village we visited one of the houses which was made up for tourists.  The house was made to show the way a Nubian family  lived with paintings on the walls and hanging baskets to keep food fresh.  The only thing that just didn’t seem right was the modern electric cooker and the fridge in the kitchen. The old man holding the crocodile was from one of  the first generations of  Nubians to be moved from the Lake Nasser area.

Nubian man with a crocodile

The Nubian Village

Once we came back from the Nubian village and got back to the Hadeel, we met the other couple who were travelling with us on the Nile journey. We had lunch out on the lower deck and then we all went to the Temple of Philae.

The Temple of Philae, like Abu Simbel, has been moved from its original site when the Nile was dammed and Lake Naser created.  The construction of the High Dam meant that the temple would be completely submerged, along with several other key Nubian monuments. UNESCO launched a block by block relocation of the temple to dry land.

Philae Temple

After this visit we had tea, cake and biscuits on the sail boat and then after dinner we went into the local market in Aswan to practise our bartering skills.

The boat started to move down the Nile the next morning.

Here is a slide show with some pictures taken on this fabulous first Day on on the Hadeel Dahabiyya.

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