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Handmade Vintage Fabric Owls New 2015

Hi there,

These are just a few of my recent creations. I have gone for the Browns!


Cute Vintage Fabric Owls


I love making these owls.


Cute Vintage Fabric Owls


Many more handmade gift items to see & buy at http://www.bizybee.co.uk


Cute Vintage Fabric Owls


Vintage Fabric Floral Owls

Vintage Fabric Floral Owls


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Henna Design Inspired Owl Drawing 2014

Henna Design Inspired Owl Drawing.

Tabs Owl

Avon Foaming Shower Oil 2014

Hey Guys,

Well if you thought Avon Skin So Soft dry original spray is good then you have to try this.  I love love it! from pouring to foaming to moisturising it is what it is says on the bottle! amazing product. So great I thought I would rave about it. Smells lovely, foams up like a shower gel and washes off like one, and leaves your skin feeling moisturised.

Avon Skin So Soft Shower Foaming Oil

Avon Skin So Soft Shower Foaming Oil

If you have a busy life style and just don’t have a lot of time for body pampering then these Skin So Soft products will do that for you. I have been using the dry oil spray for a long time and think it’s wonderful just spray after your shower/bath and towel dried.  The dry oil normally dries quickly leaving you to get dressed with out any hassle.


The foaming shower oil is just double the skin moisturiser. Clear liquid smells lovely and comes in 250ml bottle.

Don’t take my word for it try it and then love it like I do.

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Handmade Swirly Silver Plated Toe Rings 2014

New swirly silver plated toe rings handmade from Jewellery wire and faceted, glass, crystal beads.

Silver Plated Swirly Toe Rong

Perfect for those summer toes.

Show them off on holiday.

Perfect for a gift at affordable prices and no delivery charges.

Check out more colours and designs at http://www.bizybee.co.uk or watch the video below.


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Unique Wooden Pendants

Hi guys,

These unique wooden pendants have been made out of natural wood. They have been crafted into shapes and then decorated with Swarovski gems. Each pendant has been nourished with a clear oil to bring out the natural grain of the wood. Finally the pendants are sealed and finished with a high-gloss-spar varnish to protect the pendant from heat,water and UV light that would otherwise cause the colours to fade.

P1050017 P1050018 P1050028 P1050051 P1050068 P1050073 P1050075 P1050077 P1050082

Check them out on http://www.bizybee.co.uk

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Babyliss Curl Secret 2014

Hi Guys, I have been curling my hair  for years and never have I had something like this. Quick easy that gives my hair that beautiful bounce I longed for. I tried the rest at the moment this is the best!Babyliss Pro C1000E - Curl Secret_9 Some time ago I started using Nicky Clarke heated rods and found that they were good but very heavy on my hair. Also I could not curl my hair quickly with them in the mornings. I definitely couldn’t go to sleep with them on as they were not comfortable. The curl was good from them but didn’t last the whole day. After a few hours I used to wonder why I even bothered.


Nicky Clarke Heating Rods

Then I moved on to the Remington Curling Wand well for the price this product was brilliant. The highest temp was 210*c and curled my hair brilliantly. It came with one glove to protect your hand but I found that I couldn’t use it. If I wore the glove whilst winding the hair I couldn’t feel my hair so I stopped using it and often burnt the tips of my fingers. It got so hot sometimes that the slight touch of it anywhere, neck forehead etc  it would burn.


Remington Curling Wand

Then lucky for me a present and Omg I can’t live with out it. The Babyliss Curl Secret is brilliant,  15min and my hair which is longer than shoulder length is bouncy and curly. The curls stay and lasts all day and I love it. Curling is easy as if you take too much hair the curler gives a long bleep which means too much hair try again! Yes the hair can get caught in it but switch the curler off straight away and gently tug the hair out. Read the instructions as this won’t happen if and when you get used to the right amount of hair being fed through it. Three different types of curls can be transformed from this curler 6 seconds very loose curls, 8 seconds curls and 12 seconds tight curls. I have my setting on 12 seconds. There is 2 heat temperature settings. My curls don’t come out as tight as some of the models shown advertising the product. I also tried this on five of my friends unfortunately it didn’t work on their hair. So I would try before you buy! Babyliss Pro C1000E - Curl Secret_9 Lift the section of hair to be curled straight out holding the babyliss curler with the barrel side down and the small side at the top. clamp your hair in and let go . The hair disapears and winds on to the barrel wait till you hear the continuous beep and unfold the hair. Viola fabulous curls in seconds simples! Quick easy and effortless. images (1)   Check it out on you tube! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FJOsTg6D_w Happy Curling! Thanks for visiting See you again soon

Asian/Oriental Decorated Tea Light/Diya Holders New 2014


New for 2014. These beautiful tea-light holders also known as Diya holders have been hand-crafted & made from wood, they have been painted, and decorated with sparkly gems.


 While the tea lights burn the decorated stand will add an Asian/Oriental ambience to any room.

 They make lovely gifts for all occasions and celebrations. They would look great on wedding tables, Henna parties, dinner parties, Diwali and all types of festivals. Perfect for a centre piece in your restaurant or home.


 Each tea light holder comes with a spare tea light. Approx. size: 9cm – 9cm.


 They are available individually at http://www.bizybee.co.uk


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