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Inspired by 1920’s and Art Deco Make Up Tutorial

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The 1920's Make Up look

This has been a great inspiration as I love the 1920’s look. The Ladies looked glamorous and so elegant. Their make, clothes, hair, scarves just about everything was fabulous then. Another thing that inspired me to do this was a birthday card, Art Deco from Watermark Publishing Ltd. The lady on this card is so lovely.  I don’t have all the feather’s etc but I tried to create the 1920’s with what I had. by reviewing some 1920’s pictures and tutorials I came up with this version. I took pictures of every stage and then put the pictures on to a video.

The use of black eye liner, 120 Fraulein Make Up Palette, Sleek Wonderlast Lippy and Colour works bronzer for the blusher. I used a scarf for the head wrap and a headband with a embroidered motif. I really enjoyed creating this look.

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The video was created on Adobe Premier 8 and the pictures were taken on my Panasonic Lumix camera, some pictures are in colour and some in Sepia mode

I hope you enjoy my tutorial. 


Flirty Florals are in Spring/Summer Fashion 2011

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With Spring here and Summer approaching we start to look more colourful. Well the Florals are in this season as anything in floral goes. From coats,shirts, dresses, watches, jewellery to Wellington’s and much more. Here some items I have found that you might want to check out next time your out an about at the Mall.

The colours to look for this summer will be very bright colours such as yellow’s, green’s and oranges. I know these colour’s don’t suit everyone but try mixing the colours. Compliment the colours with jewellery. The new fashion is necklaces and bracelets made out of material and metal together.  I have seen some nice ones in New Look. The last picture at the bottom of the page is a material necklace.

A bit of the 1920’s has come back to, Girls are wearing headbands with flower’s and feathers on them. The ones which are on an elastic are very good called bandos as you can position them right on the side.

Floral Wellington boots Peacocks £16.00

Floral dress from Peacocks £14.00

Floral watch from Next £12.99

Floral ssandals

Floral purse

Floral bags and scarf's

Floral bags and scarf's. Check out Monsoon Acessorise.


Floral jewellery, Floral bangles

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Floral necklace made out of metal and cloth.

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