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Bride and Party Eye Make UP with Sleek I-Sparkle Palette

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This look has been inspired by Asian Brides and its a party look. The new sleek I-Sparkle Palette has been used for this look and Sleek eye dust. The colours blend in very well together.  The I-Sparkle eye shadows are mineral based and you only need a little on the brush. Blending these colours is so easy. Each colour apart from plain black has glitter in them. When these colours are added to the eyes the glitter sparkles hence the name I guess. Another lovely palette to work with. This palette is a Limited edition. But I think you can still get this on Amazon.

Take a look at the video I created with the Sleek I-Sparkle Palette.

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Asian Bride/Party Orange And Purple Eye Make UP

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This Look was inspired by Asian bridal dresses there all so colourful. This look was created with Sleek Sunset Make Up Palette, Rimmel black liquid liner and black mascara. Also black gel liner which was bought from Amazon. I have done a separate review on this.

Using my eye fan technique as mentioned in my back to basic’s blog, you will see that it is quite easy to create. Once each colour is on, you can then start to blend in the colours. Starting in the middle, blend this into the inner corner and the outer corner into the middle. Add the black at the end on the outer corner blending into the outer colour. Add the high light just under the eye brow. To Complete the look fill in the eye brows, add eye liner on top and bottom of your eyes and add mascara.

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