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“Ding Dong AVON Calling”

Hey there,

Check out the new trends, fashion and AVON

deals in the brochure 15.

I have tried these and I must say they are brilliant! even though I don’t wear the full set I wear an odd nail here or a may be just the thumbs!

you get a pack of 24 tips and the strength of them is unbelievable they will not fall off and you physically have to pull them off.

Perfect for that special day, event and evening they can stay on up to 2 weeks and more!

Try them have fun!

Nail Art Tips

Nail Art Tips

Check out my online AVON brochure,  delivery to your door launching soon 2016!


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Avon Brochure 7 Deals and Best Buys 2011

Meow Pussy Cats

Avon Brochure 7 has a lot of deals and very good buys.  I will list as many as I can but take a look at the brochure for more deals and many more best but.  Brochure 7 will be available from your Avon Representative from the 29th March 2011 in the UK.

Here are some of the deals and best buys Avon brochure 7 has to offer.

ANEW regime 14 day starter kit is available at £10.00 and you will be able to get this in ANEW Reversalist 40+, ANEW ultimate 50+, ANEW Platinum 60+ and ANEW rejuvenate 30+

ANEW clinical all ages. Derma-Full x3 Facial Filling Serum. This is a breakthrough formula, it helps stimulate the production of filling fibres. It helps build skin’s natural reserve of wrinkle filling hyaluronic acid. Normally £29.00 brochure 7 price £20.00.

ANEW Lift and Firm Pro Serum. Contains a tightening polymer that works instantly to help lift and tighten Skin. Normally £29.00 Avon Brochure 7 price £20.00.

New Arabian Glow Nail Care. Check out these lovely summer colours Sunshine, Electric Green and Funky Fuchsia will normally be £6.00 brochure 7 price £3.00.

Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation. Natural looking light powder. Contains 100% naturally derived mineral pigments. Good for sensitive, oily and normal/combination skin. Normally £10.50  Avon brochure 7 price £5.25.

Arabian Glow Shimmering Eye shadows new shade Tropical Paradise normally £8.00 Avon brochure 7 price £5.00.

The New Blush Duo Ultra blendable formula and wears for hours. Normally £7.00 Avon brochure 7 price £5.00. Get the blusher angled brush for easy applying and to get that killer cheek bone look. Normally £6.00 Avon brochure 7 price £3.00. Put the lighter shade of the duo to hight light along the top of your cheekbones.

Kabuki Brush half price Avon brochure 7 price £3.00 normally £6.00.

8 in 1 Eye Palette normal price £10.50 Avon brochure 7 price £5.50.

French Manicure Kit comes with 30 nail guides, Nude and White Nailwear with diamond dust. Normally £6.50 Avon brochure 7 price £3.25.

Buy the cellu-sculpt and get 200ml strechmark 24 and 150ml liquid bra lifting gel free.

The new cellu-sculpt 3x. Instantly, makes your skin look and feel firmer. After one week, reduce the look and feel of cellulite and after two weeks makes dimples feel smoothed out. It has a 360 degree tri rollerball massaging head to help reduce the look of cellulite. Will normally be £14.00 Avon brochure price £10.00. Buy the cellu-sculpt and get 200ml strechmark 24 and 150ml liquid bra lifting gel free.

Protect your hair with this Heat Protection Spray normally £4.50 Avon brochure 7 price £2.25.

My favourite Dual Body Oils are half price normally £4.10 Avon brochure 7 price £2.05. 92% agree these leave the skin velvety smooth.

Age transforming concealer SPF15. Helps reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, a clever concealer that disguises imperfections. Normally £9.00. Avon Brochure 7 price £5.00.

Solutions day creams for 5 different types are now half price in brochure 7.

Waterfall shower gels buy one and get one free. Avon brochure 7.

Buy any two Footworks products and order this free 3 piece pedicure.

Buy any two Footworks products and order your free 3 piece pedicure.

Room linen sprays half price. Avon brochure 7.

Protect your hair with this Heat Protection Spray normally £4.50 Avon brochure 7 price £2.25.

Get fit and look fabulous. Walk tall, these help burn calories with every step, improve the look of calves, thighs and buttocks. Will normally be £20.00 Avon brochure 7 price £17.00.

New Sassy Swirls, 15ml  Eau de Toilette purse sprays. Normally £5.oo Avon brochure 7 price £2.50.

Check out the Colour Trend Products, any 3 for £5.00 mix and match in brochure 7.  (pages 184 to 189)

Check out the Care Products, any 3 for £5.00 mix and match in brochure 7. (pages 190 to 193)

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Avon deals and best buys brochure 6 2011

Meow Pussy Cats

Hi guys today is the last day you can order from brochure 5, so I hope you have given your order slips  in to your representative.

These are some of the latest deals which will be available in your next brochure 6. There are many more deals in brochure 6 so make sure you have a look.  Brochure 6 will be available to you guys from Next Tuesday 8th February 2011.

Celebrate 125 years of great value skin care. Avon Care body lotion, smoothing lotion, nourishing body lotion and firming body lotion are normally £4.80 brochure 6 price £1.99 great buy. Other Avon Care products are also on offer buy 1 get one free. Check the brochure.

1 litre of Bubble Bath now half price normally £5.00 brochure 6 price £2.50.

Advance Techniques all four for £5.00 in brochure 6. Daily Shine Shampoo and Conditioner, Mirror Shine Spray boosts shine and reduces frizz and Dry Ends Serum helps smooth dry damaged hair.

Avon Nail experts, gold strength this will make nails feel stronger and appear more even with a natural glow. Normal price £5.00 Brochure 6 price £2.50

Try the New Sensational Shine Avon Glazewear silky lipstick, It is formulated with shine enhancers to reflect rich vivid colour. Normal price £8.00 brochure 6 price £5.00.

Avon Super Extend mascara and Avon Super Curlacious mascara normally £8.50 brochure 6 price £5.00.

Avon Glazewear Dazzle lipgloss for them perfect pouts normally £6.00 brochure 6 price £3.00.

Get the perfect nails with this speed dry Avon nail enamel normally £6.00 brochure 6 price £3.00.

Arabian Glow check it out the all over brush and pressed bronzing powder both half price.

Avon foot works 2 for £5.00 check it out in brochure 6.

Avon Magix Face Perfector minimise pores lines and shine. Light and colourless coverage. For dry,oily and normal combination skin. £10.50 brochure 6 price £7.00.

Skin So Soft Satin Sheer Dual Softening Body Oils are still at a good price. infused with vitamins and shea butter normally £ 4.10 brochure 6 price £2.05.

Try the New Diamond Blush Shimmering body oil, infused with precious gems for a beautiful sparkling shimmer. Normally £5.60 brochure 6 price £2.80

Ultimate Age Repair Day SPF25 and Night. Help prevent the fatigue factor in mature skin. Help restore the look of skin's lost youth. normally £23.50 brochure 6 price £16

Room & Linen Sprays half price normally £4.00 brochure 6 price £2.00.

Check out these perfumes, Eternal Magic, Pur Blanca and Percieve buy these and you will receive the matching mini spray great for your hand bags.

Hello Kitty Cosmetic bag normally £10.00 Avon  brochure 6 price £5.00

Roll-On Antiperspirant Deodorants only 99p in Avon Brochure 6. Senses,  Pro Move , Mesmerize and Musk for Men.

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Avon Deals and Best Buys Brochure 5

Meow Pussy Cats

Brochure 5 has a lot of great deals I can not show you all of them as there is so many so you will have to check the brochure out. If you have an Avon Representative then that is great. Other wise go to Avon website were you will find an Avon representative near you. I will leave the link at the end.

Avon has been around for years 125 years has just been celebrated by Avon. From the Make up, Skin care, hair products etc Avon is affordable and the yet the products are brilliant. If you haven’t tried Avon then You should.

Lets go through some of the deals:

New Ultra Colour Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick normally £8.50 brochure 5 price £6.00

Beauty Palette creamy colours for lips and eyes in chic compact with a mirror normally £10.50 brochure 5 price £5.50

New Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation normally £10.50 brochure 5 price £5.50.

8 in 1 Palette, Neutral Tones normally £10.50 brochure 5 price £5.50. Blendalble crease proof colour.

New Onyx Lustre Trio-Shadow normally £8.00 Brochure 5 price £5.00

Youth Awakening Eyeshadow and Primer kit normally £10.00 brochure 5 price £7.00. Contains lifting primer and two shades.

Anew  Clinical Eye for all ages is now £10.00 in brochure 5 normally £18.50.

Advance techniques brushes from £1.60.

If you like the Skin So Soft range then check out brochure 5, you can buy 4 Skin So Soft products for £5.00

Shower gels for 99p.

Check your new brochure for all the deals in your Avon book.


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