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Avon Nail Art 23/09/2015

Hi everyone,

Avon nail art tips. Perfect for any occasion and will stay on for weeks. Simply take off the plastic covering on the underneath of the tip add to the nail press the tip to your nail. I had these tips on for over two weeks my nail had grown but the nail art tips were still there. They definitely are press and go. Check out the range of fab tips in the Avon Brochure.

Avon Nail Art

Avon Nail Art

Nail Art Tips

Nail Art Tips

To take them off you just need to pull them off. You will find that they are very strong and long lasting tips!

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AVON Calling 22/09/2015

Hi guys,

Just had to tell you about this gorgeous AVON showstopper pink ultra color crayon.

Showsttopper Ultra Color Crayon

Showsttopper Ultra Color Crayon

It is such a vibrant pink colour I love it lasts for hours.

A little bit shimmery and so becomes that little bit glitzy for your evening wear try it you won’t be disappointed.

Be sure to outline your lips and viola perfect pucker lips!

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Ding Dong “Avon Calling”

Hi a short video of AVON products

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AVON Calling brochure 15

Check what’s on offer in brochure 15!

Great gift ideas yes guys Xmas just around the corner!

AVON brochure 15

AVON brochure 15

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“Ding Dong AVON Calling”

Hey there,

Check out the new trends, fashion and AVON

deals in the brochure 15.

I have tried these and I must say they are brilliant! even though I don’t wear the full set I wear an odd nail here or a may be just the thumbs!

you get a pack of 24 tips and the strength of them is unbelievable they will not fall off and you physically have to pull them off.

Perfect for that special day, event and evening they can stay on up to 2 weeks and more!

Try them have fun!

Nail Art Tips

Nail Art Tips

Check out my online AVON brochure,  delivery to your door launching soon 2016!


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Avon Skin So Soft Original With Jojoba Oil

Hi Guys  This best selling Avon product  has been called so many names from Skin so Soft Woodland and Fresh – Skin So Soft & Fresh and now it is called Skin So Soft Original. It comes in 150ml bottle and the scent of it now has improved and leaves your skin  feeling smoother. Great body lotion designed to lock in moisture after a bath or shower. Use it all year round especially in  the summer and on your holidays. It is a great alternative to insect repellent. It has been known that some people use it on cats, dogs and horses to keep the flies away. It has been reported that the marines have used this product instead of the repellent that was issued to them and I guess the reason they use it is because it actually works! So overall great moisturiser doesn’t leave any oily residue and smells  fresh.  prod_1138789 Avon Skin So Soft original contains citronella this a popular oil and known as a natural insect repellent. It’s mosquito repellent qualities have been verified by research. Research also indicates that citronella oil is an effective repellent for body louse, head louse and stable flies. Ask you local Avon Representative for a brochure and you may find that Avon Skin So Soft Original is on special offer. I use this all year round and I love it. Thanks for visiting See you again soon!

Avon Color Trend Eyeshadow Duo Review

Meow Pussycats

Color Trend Eyeshadow duo in the colour Rainforest

I tried the Rainforest  Avon Color Trend Eyeshadow Duo and really liked the contrast between the two colours. they both have a tiny golden shimmer in them. Check out this new product in Avon Brochure 12. These eyeshadow’s will normally be £4.50 Avon brochure 12 price £2.70. There is so many colours to choose from.

All the colours available in this Color Trend Duo Eyeshadow Range

I finished this look with Black gel eyeliner on the top of my eye lids and then used the Avon Color Trend Transforming Liquid Eyeliner Magic in a little bottle to line the bottom of my eye with eyeshadow.

The Mascara that I have used is Avon Super Extend eye accents mascara. The colour is Black Topaz for brown eyes. This will normally be £8.50 special brochure price £4.50.

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