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AVON Calling 22/09/2015

Hi guys,

Just had to tell you about this gorgeous AVON showstopper pink ultra color crayon.

Showsttopper Ultra Color Crayon

Showsttopper Ultra Color Crayon

It is such a vibrant pink colour I love it lasts for hours.

A little bit shimmery and so becomes that little bit glitzy for your evening wear try it you won’t be disappointed.

Be sure to outline your lips and viola perfect pucker lips!

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My Review on Avon Eye Liner Pen 2011

Meow Pussy Cats

Avon Black Eye Liner Pen will normally be £7.00 Brochure 9 price £5.00

I have just recently bought the New Avon Extra Lasting Eye liner Pen. I was looking for something like this so that I could quickly and easily put eye liner on, especially when I don’t have much time to get ready for work in the mornings. It is a great buy brochure 9 price £5.00 will normally be £7.00.  It glides on smoothly It has a fine nib like a felt tip so you can put it on the eye as thin or as thick as you like. Once you start using the pen it will feel like its run out of colour, all  you have to do is shake it and the roller ball  inside does its magic, once shaken the nib fills with more colour.  It’s like a marker pen so it’s easier to work with. The Avon Eye Liner Pen comes in two colours Black and Brown.

Avon Eye liner Pen on top and bottom of the eye.

I gave the Avon Eye Liner Pen  two trials before I wrote this review. The first time I put the eye liner on without any eye shadow and used it alone on top close to the upper lash line and just under the lower lash line. I did fill my water line with gel liner as I am sensitive to some pencils, but you could fill your water line with the pen  as shown in brochure 9. So after doing my eyes I went off to my belly dancing class which lasts for 1hr 30 minutes. And even after this work out it did not run and did not come off. So it lasts through a work out.

Avon Black Eye Liner Pen on top and bottom of the eye with black gel liner in the water line.

My second trial was to wear it all day. And this time over eye shadow. It stayed put all day. So its quick easy and no mess precision liner that lasts all day. Thumbs up to this Eye Liner Pen.

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