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Avon Nail Art 23/09/2015

Hi everyone,

Avon nail art tips. Perfect for any occasion and will stay on for weeks. Simply take off the plastic covering on the underneath of the tip add to the nail press the tip to your nail. I had these tips on for over two weeks my nail had grown but the nail art tips were still there. They definitely are press and go. Check out the range of fab tips in the Avon Brochure.

Avon Nail Art

Avon Nail Art

Nail Art Tips

Nail Art Tips

To take them off you just need to pull them off. You will find that they are very strong and long lasting tips!

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AVON Calling 22/09/2015

Hi guys,

Just had to tell you about this gorgeous AVON showstopper pink ultra color crayon.

Showsttopper Ultra Color Crayon

Showsttopper Ultra Color Crayon

It is such a vibrant pink colour I love it lasts for hours.

A little bit shimmery and so becomes that little bit glitzy for your evening wear try it you won’t be disappointed.

Be sure to outline your lips and viola perfect pucker lips!

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Ding Dong “Avon Calling”

Hi a short video of AVON products

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AVON Calling brochure 15

Check what’s on offer in brochure 15!

Great gift ideas yes guys Xmas just around the corner!

AVON brochure 15

AVON brochure 15

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Avon Foaming Shower Oil 2014

Hey Guys,

Well if you thought Avon Skin So Soft dry original spray is good then you have to try this.  I love love it! from pouring to foaming to moisturising it is what it is says on the bottle! amazing product. So great I thought I would rave about it. Smells lovely, foams up like a shower gel and washes off like one, and leaves your skin feeling moisturised.

Avon Skin So Soft Shower Foaming Oil

Avon Skin So Soft Shower Foaming Oil

If you have a busy life style and just don’t have a lot of time for body pampering then these Skin So Soft products will do that for you. I have been using the dry oil spray for a long time and think it’s wonderful just spray after your shower/bath and towel dried.  The dry oil normally dries quickly leaving you to get dressed with out any hassle.


The foaming shower oil is just double the skin moisturiser. Clear liquid smells lovely and comes in 250ml bottle.

Don’t take my word for it try it and then love it like I do.

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Avon Advance Techniques Professional Hair Colour. (New 2011)

Meow Pussy Cats

Avon Advance Techniques Professional Hair Colour review.

Avon Advance Techniques Professional Hair Colour.

This will be out in Avon brochure 10 so look out for this ask your Avon rep to show you a hair colour swatch if you are interested in checking out the colours. I went for number 7.4 which is light copper. My hair was a dark brown and now has a slight copper tint to it. Normally my hair does not take that well to any hair colour. In the past I have used other makes which made my hair go dark at first and then after a few washes my hair would start to get a bit lighter. I noticed a difference straight away with this Avon Hair Colour.

The Colour Swatch Chart. Also Hair Swatch Chart is available from your Avon Rep.

It’s as easy as 1 2 3, Every box contains a 3 step colour system. Make sure you read the directions and also do the skin test 48 hours before you colour your hair. follow the instructions given on the leaflet.

In the pack you will find these items the instructions, the gloves. Number 1 is a pre treatment. Prime hair by applying  this to dry, damaged areas.

2A is the Developer Lotion, 2B is the Creme Colourant.Mix 2B with 2A and saturate hair from root to tip with the non drip creme colourants.

Number 3 is the post treatment. Apply this conditioning post treatment which seals in first day colour vibrancy and shine.

The Avon Advance Techniques Professional Hair Colour gives 100% grey coverage. 96% of women surveyed agree the hair colourants gives beautifully blended natural looking colour. Even celebrities love it, Fergie loves her new blonde look, using 9.0 light blonde.

The special introductory price is just £4.50 will be £6.00.

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My Chick Bad/My Chick Good Niki Minaj Eye Make Up 2011

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This look has been inspired by Niki Minaj and her very creative eye make up. Also this look has been requested by my daughter. I hope I didn’t disappoint her.

For this look I used cream shimmery colour from Famous by Sue Moxley, 120 Fraulein 3*8 Make Up Palette, Rimmel and Avon. I watched the My Chick Bad video and it was very difficult to see how Niki Minaj’s make up was done. Her shots in the video were really quick shots. But finally I came up with this version of what I thought it was.

I really enjoyed creating this look, I hope you all like it. Check out my video tutorial to see how this look was created below.

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