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Handmade Swirly Silver Plated Toe Rings 2014

New swirly silver plated toe rings handmade from Jewellery wire and faceted, glass, crystal beads.

Silver Plated Swirly Toe Rong

Perfect for those summer toes.

Show them off on holiday.

Perfect for a gift at affordable prices and no delivery charges.

Check out more colours and designs at http://www.bizybee.co.uk or watch the video below.


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Barefoot Crystal Beaded Sandals/ Toe Thongs

Hey guys, these are must have for summer, holidays even your special day or  any occasion. They look stunning on your feet and make a beautiful party accessory. Wear them with sandals, with out sandals with pumps high heels, adorn your evening shoes with these and make heads turn.

Wear them to your yoga and belly dancing classes!

So many colours to choose from, and even bespoke crystal beaded toe thongs are available. Just follow the simple measuring instructions at http://www.bizybee.co.uk a fab on line shop with handmade gifts for you at affordable prices and no delivery charges. Note UK delivery only.

Barefoot beaded sandals have been specially hand crafted with glass, crystal and Swarovski beads. The barefoot sandals are now with elastic anklets making them easier to wear.


P1040475_edited-1 P1040562_edited-4 P1040585 P1040589 P1040598 P1040602 P1040622_edited-2 P1040631_edited-2 P1040758 P1040764 P1040807 P1040811 P1040813 P1050231_edited-1 P1050233_edited-2 P1050245

P1050249_edited-1 P1050251 P10406541


What are you waiting for those happy feet can look even more beautiful with Bizybee’s Bare Foot Sandals.

Please note that free  UK delivery only.

If you are interested in these barefoot sandals and you are not living in the  UK  then message me with your address and I will find out the cost of delivery charge to send them to you.

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