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Bollywood, Indian, Pakistani Bridal Make Up and Jewellery 2011

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Here are just a few of my favourite Asian Brides Make Up and jewellery.  We dream of that perfect day and want to look the business. Indian and Pakistani weddings the bride usually wears bright colour clothing with red and maroon being the traditional colours, this is then contrasted with the jewellery, shoes and hair and make up. Choices are endless and there is so many professional make up artist that will do your make up and hair and will also do a trail run for you.

Here is my collection of images that I found, The models are so beautiful and they all look fabulous. Hope you like this slide show.

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Easy Dulhan/Bridal Eye Make Up 2011

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By using Colour Works Make up Palette I created this very easy Dulhan/ Bridal make up. This make up will go well with ivory or cream colour dresses and some Asian wedding dresses.

Colour Works Eye Make Up Palette

Firstly I started by adding NYX primmer on both the eye lids. Read my review on back to basic’s to see how I have broken down the make up in easy steps.

I added shimmery cream colour from Famous by Sue Moxley. You can use any cream colour shade. I added this to the inner corner of my eye up and under the eye brow as a high light. This picture below is shown as an example. You can check out all the easy steps in back to basics.

Then I added the pink colour shade from the palette next to the inner corner up over the crease area towards the brow. Blend the pink in to the inner corner of your eye.

Going from left to right the 2nd shade pink

Then I added the darker shade of pink next to the pink shade up over the crease area towards the cream colour hight lighted area. Blend this in to the lighter pink shade.

From left to right 4th colour shade.

Then I took the black shade from the Colour Works Palette. I added this to the outer corner of my eye and blended this in to the darker shade of pink.

From left to right 1st shade.

With a wet slanted brush I created the lower line under my eye.

Then I added the black Liquid liner on the top of my eye with Rimmel Liquid Liner.

Finally I added Rimmel Mascara.

Once you know what colours go best with each other you will soon be able to do your eyes more quickly. Practice makes perfect, so keep mixing those colours.

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Spring/Summer Party Eye Make Up Sleek I- Divine Sparkle 2011

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Spring is already here and soon summer will be here to and this look is inspired by  all the beautiful flowers that grow in these months.

I created this look with 120 Fraulein 3*8 Make Up Palette and Sleek I-Sparkle. Both of these went so well together. If you take a look at my back to basic’s review you will see that I used the same technique to do this tutorial. It’s all about the blending. Blend, but not too much. I used the sponge applicator that comes with the Sleek I-Sparkle palette mostly, and then a slanted brush for under the lower lash line and a little at the top of my eye lid. This is all shown in the video. I always fill in my eye brows before I start the rest of the make up on my eyes, but some like to do that right at the end. The Mascara was added right at the end.

Please check out my video below. I hope you enjoy the video and the music which is Latin Jazz and Tequila.

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Bride and Party Eye Make UP with Sleek I-Sparkle Palette

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This look has been inspired by Asian Brides and its a party look. The new sleek I-Sparkle Palette has been used for this look and Sleek eye dust. The colours blend in very well together.  The I-Sparkle eye shadows are mineral based and you only need a little on the brush. Blending these colours is so easy. Each colour apart from plain black has glitter in them. When these colours are added to the eyes the glitter sparkles hence the name I guess. Another lovely palette to work with. This palette is a Limited edition. But I think you can still get this on Amazon.

Take a look at the video I created with the Sleek I-Sparkle Palette.

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