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Avon Brochure 11 Deals and Best Buys 2011

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As well as the deals and best buys in the Avon brochure 11 you also get an Avon Clearance Sale booklet. So don’ t forget to  check that out. I will be listing some of the deals and best buys so check out Avon brochure 11 for much much more. The book will be available for you to see by the 21st June 2011. So don’y miss out on these fantastic deals. There is lots of products that are two for £10.00, two for £8.00. Jewellery is also on sale any three on Anika, Darain and Danika products.

Hot Pink and blue Jelly Bangle Watch only £6.00.

Solutions Cellu-Sculpt 3x half price normally £14.00 Avon brochure price £7.00.

Solutions Stretch Mark 24 half price normally £12.00 Avon brochure price £6.00

Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick with vitamin E and jojoba to hydrate lips. Normally £7.00 Avon brochure price £3.00 In Metalic  Shimmer and Satin.

Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick with vitamin E and jojoba to hydrate lips. Normally £7.00 Avon brochure price £3.00 In Metalic Shimmer and Satin.

New Glimmersticks Liqui- Glide Eye Liner. It’s a pencil liner that gives the look of a liquid liner. Smudge resistant and long wearing. Normally will be £6.00 Avon brochure 11 price £3.00.

New Glazewear Duo Reflect Lipgloss. Will normally be £6.00 Avon brochure 11 price £3.00.

Avon Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel. Tempting shades, softer colours for the day and brilliant brights for night. Normally £6.00 Avon brochure 11 price £3.00

Avon Ideal shade Cream to Powder Foundation will normally be £10.50 Avon brochure 11 price £6.00 so you save £4.50.

There is a big selection of by two for £12.00. Big Colour Eye Pencil, Spectralash Mascara, Shimmer Glow Dust, Illuminating Face Pearls and the 8 in 1 Eye Palette. Check out this deal on pages 34-39 Avon brochure 11.

Across pages 40-45 any two products for £10.00. True Colour blush, Ideal Shade Pressed Powder, Ideal Shade Concealer Stick, Super Enchant Mascara, True Colour Eye Shadow Quad and many more.

Across pages 46-53 any two products for £8.00. Choose from Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner, True Colour Eyeshadow Duo, Precision Glimmer Powder Eyeshadow, Ultra Colour Rich Colordisiac Lipstick and many more products check out in Avon brochure 11.

Avon Foundation Brush will normally be £8.50 Avon brochure 11 price £5.00.

Avon French Manicure Kit. Normally £6.50 its half price Avon brochure 11 price £3.25. It's the ultimate at home French Manicure. Contains Nude and White Nailwear with diamond dust, plus 30 nail guides.

New Jillian Dempsey for Avon Professional Corrector Palette. will normally be £10.00 Avon brochure 11 price £6.00. Choose from two palettes one for light skin tones and the other for dark skin tones. Conceals Flaws just like a pro, mix and match four creamy colours to disguise dark circles, blemishes and imperfections.

Arabian Glow Bronzing Pearls normally will be £9.00 Avon brochure 11 price £5.50.

Arabian Glow Nailwear normally will be £6.00 Avon brochure 11 price £3.00.

Color Trend products any two for £5.00 pages 68-69. Perfect and hide concealer, sweet twist lip gloss, sweet twist eyeshadow, color me pretty nail colour and many more products.

If you missed the launch of Avon new hair colour range then don't worry you can still but on a try me price. £4.50 will normally be £6.00. There is 23 stunning shades to choose from. Permanent Colour 100% grey coverage and lasting colour.

Avon brushes, whatever your style, the right brush is the key to a perfect finish. Brushes start from 95p now that is a deal.

Avon Bubble Bath buy 1 choose 2 free when you buy one at full price. Avon brochure 11 price £4.00 so you save £8.00.

Naturals Room Linen Spray, buy 1 get 1 free. Avon brochure 11 price £4.00.

My favourites Skin So Soft body oils half price £2.05 normally will be £4.10.

Check out Skin So Soft  Skin Products across pages 102-107 all at half price.

Free Flip Flops when you buy 2 or more foot works products.

Quadra FX products for me half price. Avon brochure 11.

Avon ANEW Clinical Luminosity Pro Brightening Serum will normally be £29.00 Avon brochure 11 price £17.00.

Save money on ANEW day creams. Rejuvenate Day Revitalising Cream SPF25 £13.00 save £6.50. Reversalist Day Renewal Cream SPF25 UVA/UVB £14.00 save £7.50. Ultimate Age Repair Day SPF25 £16.00 save £7.50. Platinum Day Cream SPF25 £17.00 save £8.00.

ANEW night emulsions. Rejuvenate Night Sapphire Emulsion £14.00 save £7.00. Reversalist Night Sterling Emulsion £15.00 save £8.00. Ultimate Night Gold Emulsion £16.00 save £7.50.

Avon Care products half price from pages 144-145.

Buy any 3 for £15.00, choose from Anika Earrings, Anika Necklace, Darian Necklace, Danika Necklace.

Morgan Icon Cosmetic Bag £12.00 Avon brochure 11 price

Outspoken by Fergie Eau De Parfum Spray will normally be £15.00 Avon brochure 11 price £11.00.

Perfumes for half price choose from Aromadisiac for Her EDT spray £6.00 normally £13.00. Slip into.... EDT spray £9.00 will normally be £14.00.  Treselle Eau De Parfum Spray £8.00 will normally be £13.00.

Perfumes for half price choose from Aromadisiac for Her EDT spray £6.00 normally £13.00. Slip into.... EDT spray £9.00 will normally be £14.00. Treselle Eau De Parfum Spray £8.00 will normally be £13.00.

Avon Super Magnify Mascara  will normally be £8.50 Avon brochure 11 price £3.50.

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My Chick Bad/My Chick Good Niki Minaj Eye Make Up 2011

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This look has been inspired by Niki Minaj and her very creative eye make up. Also this look has been requested by my daughter. I hope I didn’t disappoint her.

For this look I used cream shimmery colour from Famous by Sue Moxley, 120 Fraulein 3*8 Make Up Palette, Rimmel and Avon. I watched the My Chick Bad video and it was very difficult to see how Niki Minaj’s make up was done. Her shots in the video were really quick shots. But finally I came up with this version of what I thought it was.

I really enjoyed creating this look, I hope you all like it. Check out my video tutorial to see how this look was created below.

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Avon deals and best buys brochure 6 2011

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Hi guys today is the last day you can order from brochure 5, so I hope you have given your order slips  in to your representative.

These are some of the latest deals which will be available in your next brochure 6. There are many more deals in brochure 6 so make sure you have a look.  Brochure 6 will be available to you guys from Next Tuesday 8th February 2011.

Celebrate 125 years of great value skin care. Avon Care body lotion, smoothing lotion, nourishing body lotion and firming body lotion are normally £4.80 brochure 6 price £1.99 great buy. Other Avon Care products are also on offer buy 1 get one free. Check the brochure.

1 litre of Bubble Bath now half price normally £5.00 brochure 6 price £2.50.

Advance Techniques all four for £5.00 in brochure 6. Daily Shine Shampoo and Conditioner, Mirror Shine Spray boosts shine and reduces frizz and Dry Ends Serum helps smooth dry damaged hair.

Avon Nail experts, gold strength this will make nails feel stronger and appear more even with a natural glow. Normal price £5.00 Brochure 6 price £2.50

Try the New Sensational Shine Avon Glazewear silky lipstick, It is formulated with shine enhancers to reflect rich vivid colour. Normal price £8.00 brochure 6 price £5.00.

Avon Super Extend mascara and Avon Super Curlacious mascara normally £8.50 brochure 6 price £5.00.

Avon Glazewear Dazzle lipgloss for them perfect pouts normally £6.00 brochure 6 price £3.00.

Get the perfect nails with this speed dry Avon nail enamel normally £6.00 brochure 6 price £3.00.

Arabian Glow check it out the all over brush and pressed bronzing powder both half price.

Avon foot works 2 for £5.00 check it out in brochure 6.

Avon Magix Face Perfector minimise pores lines and shine. Light and colourless coverage. For dry,oily and normal combination skin. £10.50 brochure 6 price £7.00.

Skin So Soft Satin Sheer Dual Softening Body Oils are still at a good price. infused with vitamins and shea butter normally £ 4.10 brochure 6 price £2.05.

Try the New Diamond Blush Shimmering body oil, infused with precious gems for a beautiful sparkling shimmer. Normally £5.60 brochure 6 price £2.80

Ultimate Age Repair Day SPF25 and Night. Help prevent the fatigue factor in mature skin. Help restore the look of skin's lost youth. normally £23.50 brochure 6 price £16

Room & Linen Sprays half price normally £4.00 brochure 6 price £2.00.

Check out these perfumes, Eternal Magic, Pur Blanca and Percieve buy these and you will receive the matching mini spray great for your hand bags.

Hello Kitty Cosmetic bag normally £10.00 Avon  brochure 6 price £5.00

Roll-On Antiperspirant Deodorants only 99p in Avon Brochure 6. Senses,  Pro Move , Mesmerize and Musk for Men.

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Sleek Makeup Review (Divine mineral based eye shadow palette)

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These eye shadows are excellent, the colours come out exactly as you see them in the palette. I was really surprised that you only have to use such a small amount. They are mineral based so a little on the brush is enough.  I bought  the Divine, mineral based eye shadow palette Sunset 568.

I will buy more as I am having a really great time experimenting with these colours. Normally when I buy eye shadows the colours never appear the same once it’s on my eyes. I have seen tutorials on Mac and Bobbi brown make up and they are really good but very expensive. But Sleek won’t break the bank. I bought mine through Amazon from a company called The Beauty Pot.  Though I think you can buy Sleek make up in Some Superdrug shops and lots of Afro Caribbean shops.

This eye shadow suits all types of skin tones from white skin to dark skin, including Asian  and everything between.  These eye shadows are highly recommended for all types and the colour lasts for hours. Just check out the colours close up bellow.

The Palette is a lovely cute size and has one applicator with a mirror in it. I have picked a few of the colours from the palette and put then on the back of my hand just to show you how true the colours are.

Here I have experimented with some of the shades. They are so easy to blend with each other as you can see in these pictures.

Hey, if I can do it I am sure you can do it to.  Just experiment with colours even if you think they don’t go together, and you will see the different shades you can create once you start blending the colours.
I am totally impressed and once again I will be investing in more Sleek products. Why? Coz I’m worth it.

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