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The Hadeel Dahabiyya 7 Day Nile Cruise (4th day)

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4th day on the River Nile 20 September 2011.

Today we visited EL Kab and the temple of Horus in Edfu. The Hadeel moored up while we took a donkey ride  to the outstanding preserved temple of EL Kab.

We all climbed onto donkey’s and as I have never sat on a donkey before it was very tricky and  quiet amusing for the Hadeel staff and the people in the village.  Eventually I was sat on top of a baby donkey and with the help of the Hadeel staff the ride got a little better. We travelled through the small village. The El Kab Temple was not that far.

Pictures of me on Donkey.

El Kab formerly called Nekhab. The site offers the intriguing remains from prehistoric times right through to Pharaonic period. The inside of this temple still showed beautiful colours used. We got to see the very well preserved ancient mud brick walls as we walked back from the Temple. We had donkey’s waiting for us but I preferred the walk that way I got to speak to the little girls of the village. They were every so sweet selling there cute baskets that they had made. The girls and boys not only appreciate money but small gifts such as pens, pencils etc. So if you ever do a Nile Cruise please take some small gift for these kids. It was very sad when we left as the girls had learnt my name in that short space of time and shouted it out with a goodbye.

El Kab and the shrines in Edfu

Me and some of the girls in Edfu

After Lunch we moored up further down the Nile and took a kalesh that was waiting for us to see The Temple of Horous. The tale of Isis, Osiris and Horus was that in the beginning the world was divided between Osiris and his brother Seth. Seth was unhappy with his part as it mainly consisted of desert. Seth murdered Osiris to gain his half. Isis the sister and wife of Osiris initially recovered Osiris’s body. This made Seth mad and he recaptured his body and chopped into many pieces which he buried all across the country.

Temple of Horus

Isis collected all the pieces  and bandaged together to form the first mummy.  With the help of some other gods , Osiris was bought briefly back to life, long enough for Isis to conceive. Isis bought up her son Horous in secret. Eventually Horous sought out Seth and vanquished him in a titanic struggle, bringing order and prosperity to Egypt.

Temple of Horus

Here are some more pictures on taken at El Kab and the Temple of Horus.

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7 Day Nile Cruise Gebel El Silsila (3rd Day)

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19th September 2011 (Our 3rd day on the River Nile)

Today was a more relaxing day as we sailed on towards Edfu. Gebel EL Silsila is a rarely visited site that was used for centuries as a quarry for the construction of Egypt’s most glorious temples. You can still see some shrines cut out of the rock. The cut out shrines were dedicated to the pharohs across the dynasties. The Gebel El Silsila also has a small chapel from the time of Hatshepsut. Some of the rocks have great big holes through which ropes were used to lower the cut stone down to the boats on the river Nile. You can see in some of the pictures how thick each cut was, some of them looked like a cheese cutter had cut through them.  It is truly amazing how they managed to move such big stones onto the Nile, and then were used to construct beautiful temples. Also there is never a shortage of local people who will pose for your pictures for a small price.

Some of the locals posing in one of the shrines at Gebel El Silsila

Gebel El Silsila

You can still see the colours on the ceilings inside the rock cut shrines at Gebel El Silsila

Some of the locals showing us the big holes in the mountains

After visiting Gebel El Silsila  we sailed down the Nile and stopped at an island and had an el fresco lunch. We then sailed further down the Nile and stopped at an island called Fawaza. On this island we had an Egyptian barbecue. It was definitely lazeez gidan (very delicious). None of the bigger cruise boats stop at these islands.

El fresco lunch on the Nile.

Some staff from the Hadeel getting the Egyptian barbecue ready

Here are some of the pictures of Gebel El silsila and the el fresco barbecue.

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