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Temporary Nail Repair with a Tea Bag

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Yes you can fix a nail with a tea bag. It doesn’t last forever but at least if you’re trying to keep the nail for an occasion you can.

use a normal tea bag

My thumb nail is the one that I am going to repair. The Nail has split from the side facing you.

Cut the tea bag and take out the loose tea.

Then cut the tea bag in half don’t throw the other half away as you will be using it.

Cut a shape similar to your nail shape and size, you don’t have to be accurate as you will cut and file the tea bag later.

Now add nail glue to your nail, wait a few seconds and then stick the shaped piece of tea bag on to your nail.

Repeat this again with the other half of the tea bag.

Your nail now is ready to cut off at the end and file down. With the nail file start to file on top of the nail so as the nail doesn’t look to fat and bulky. 

Add your nail polish, I would recommend a shimmery nail polish so that the tea bag repair is not noticeable.  

Just a little tip if you don’t have nail glue then use false eye lash glue it works just as good!

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