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Niki Clarke Professional Flexi Heated Stylers (Rods)

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Niki Clarke 18 Professional Flexi Stylers

For Some time now I wanted a decent curler for my hair. I have in the past tried lots, from slim tongs to thick tongs etc . I have even tried to curl my hair with hair straightners. Even though I can do it I just found that it is time-consuming with the straightners.

I found some Bendy Foam Rods that I had bought ages ago, they are not heated but I just wanted to give them another go. I rolled my hair on to the rods and even slept with them on, and it was uncomfortable. My hair on the other hand came out very curly in the morning. My hair dropped slightly during the day. Having seen the effects of  what these Foam Bendy Rods could do I started to look for reviews and tutorials on The heated rods. I didn’t find many at all and found 3 review’s on Amazon on the Niki Clarke’s Heated Flexi Stylers. I still was not sure what to go for.

I didn’t want to end up with another hair curling product that I wouldn’t use. My choice was between Babyliss and Nicki Clarke. Babyliss was good but looked more bulky and were more expensive. My Brother helped me make my mind up and as he had worked at Niki Clarke’s Salon he did not hesitate to tell me which ones I should go for.  So I bought the Niki Clarke Professional Flexi Stylers from Argos. They were £19.99. You can buy them on  Amazon but I guess there is a delivery charge and also on Ebay but used ones.

They were packed in a box and come in their own pouch and with an instruction booklet. There is 18 Flexi Stylers in total and that is enough for me to create big bouncy curls.

Niki Clarke 18 Professional Flexi Stylers

There is a Positive Neon Heat Ready System for easy guide to all heating requirements.

After 10 minutes of being switched on the heater cycle will switch off and the neon light will go out,  then continue to heat at 12 minutes. At 15 minutes the heater will cycle off again, now it is suitable for normal hair. At 17 minutes the heater will continue to heat again up to 20 minutes and then the heater will cycle it self off, the neon light will go out, now the Flexi stylers are at maximum heat and are suitable to use on difficult to manage hair or thick hair.

My hair is quite thick and just a bit longer than shoulder length. To do my hair I switched the pouch on before making my tea and taking a shower in the morning. After about 15 minutes  I was ready to roll my hair with the flexi stylers. It takes me about 10 minutes to roll my hair and then I did my make up. The flexi stylers stay in my hair for about 25 minutes. The results are fantastic and I am very happy with this product.  And because the 18 Flexi Styler fit in the pouch its easy to take on holiday.  I think this is a great buy especially when I don’t have to do this the night before and sleep with the rods in my hair.

My hair in Niki Clarke Professional Flexi Stylers

Unfortunately I have tried to roll my hair on the Flexi Stylers like Niki Clarke and I just can not do it. I start to roll my hair from the ends of the section and not at the top like Niki Clarke, this helps me to tuck in the ends from the start. I guess we all do what we feel comfortable doing. Above is a picture of  my hair once it has been rolled into the Niki Clarke Flexi Stylers. Once I have left the Flexi Stylers in my hair for about 25 minutes I bend the Flexi Stylers out and roll out my hair.

My hair once Niki Clarke Professional Flexi Stylers have been taken out

After the Flexi Stylers have been taken out I run my hands through the hair to separate it, and then style and hair spray to hold. My hair does eventually drop during the day and the curls become loose. I do Like my hair once the curls have dropped.

My hair styled and hair sprayed for hold.

Niki Clarke 18 Professional Stylers

So Look no more for review’s on the Niki Clarke 18 Proffesional Flexi Sytlers, I think this product is great. I hope you liked my review on this product.  Here is the professional himself on his You Tube Tutorial showing you how to use his Professional Flexi Stylers, just Click on the video to watch.

Thanks to Bush my brother and thanks Niki Clarke.

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Hair today gone tomorrow, Best Hair Removal Methods 2011

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We all long for those sexy summer smooth legs.  Waxing is time-consuming and shaving doesn’t last very long. Try de-fuzzing with a depilatory cream by Skin Doctors Hair No More Pack £16.95 Which  contains a hair removal cream and inhibitor spray which is designed to remove unwanted hair and slow regrowth. The Braun Silk epil 7 Dual Epilator £159.99 this is good for those pesky in between stages it will remove hair as small as 0.5mm.

If you want a quick fix then an electric shaver such as the Remington Smooth and Silky Cordless Lady Shaver £29.99. It can be used wet or dry, it also comes with a moisturising strip with soothing Aloe Vera to give a smoother trim.



This is the biggest gripe for some  women especially Asian women. If you suffer from facial hair then try wax strips. The Simple Wax Mini Hair Removal Wax Strips For Sensitive Areas £7.14 can remove very short hair (under 3mm). Try the Ultra Precision Face & Eyebrow Wax Roll on for eyebrows £5.99. It comes with roll on applicator that smoothly follows the curves of the face.

Threading is a popular choice for side burns and cheeks, it’s a good option because the hair is pulled out rather than broken at the root.

If you have quite fine hair then you can get away with tweezing. Try the Tweezerman Tweezers from Boots £19.

Tweezerman Tweezers


As the weather gets warmer, well I think it is any way. We start to wear a lot of strappy summer dresses so we tend to shave under the arms this may cause irritation especially if your skin is sensitive. Try waxing Which will leave you hair free for longer. Bliss Poetic Waxing At Home Hair Removal Kit £35.80 its able to remove even the shortest hair.

Bliss Poetic waxing Kit

If you have never waxed before then grow your hair out for two weeks, shaved hair is strong and deeply rooted so if the hair is not 1/8 of an inch long or more, hair might be too strong to be removed.


Laser treatment is not just for fair skin and dark hair. Try the ND YAG Laser which is specially designed for darker skin. Another option is Soprano Laser Treatment which is suitable for all skin types and is pain-free compared with others laser treatment. On average you would need 3 to 6 sessions to see a difference with the occasional maintenance treatment. Ask at your beauty salons.

Or just simply try it at home yourself. This home laser has taken the beauty world by storm. No More consultations or appointments. HoMedics have launched HoMedics Me. This hair removal system is suitable for darker skin and it is £399.99 in Boots.

HoMedics Me


Keeping your lady parts fuzz free can be high maintenance, but if done properly can last for a long time. The Venus Bikini Trimmer is £5.99 this will allow you to trim your bikini line hair to the preferred length with out the hassle of using a scissors. Just glide the comb over the area to get a nice and neat look. Waxing  has a longer affect the re growth is softer and can become finer. With waxing the maintenance is 4 to 6 weeks but the only downside to this is that the regrowth needs to be about half a centimetre long before the next wax.

venus bikini trainer

Shaving is another option, its quick and relatively cheap. The only downfall to this is that you might have to do this every other day and you might be left red and sore with a razor rash which doesn’t look nice.

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Avon Quad Aquadelic Avon Eye Make Over 2011

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Avon Aquadelic Eye Make Up

I bought this Avon Quad some time ago as it was a great buy and a limited addition. Even though there is a tiny picture on the back of the cover explaining what colour should go were. I created my version. This look was not too dramatic and could go as a day time look or even a night look by adding a bit of black shade at the outer corner of your eyes. I used all four colour’s in the palette. The look that I created was a subtle look yet it had some drama to it.

Avon Aquadelic Make Up Palette

First of all i put NYX primmer across both my eye lids. Then I took the white/cream colour from the palette and added this to the inner corner of my eyes up over the crease area and under the eye brow created the hight light.

Then I took the blue shade from the palette and added this to the lower lids up to the crease area. I then blended the blue into the cream shade into the inner corner of my eyes.

Next I took the peachy colour from the palette and added this to above the blue and up to the hight light under the brow where I blended this colour in.

At the outer corner I took the grey and added this in a V shape and blended this into the blue and peach. If you want a night look then change the grey to black to give it that smokey look.

Rimmel Liquid Liner was then added to the top of the eye close to the upper eye lash with wing at the outer corner. I created the black line under the lower lash line with a wet thin slanted brush and black eye shadow. Use any Black eye shadow to create this line.

Last of all I added Rimmel Mascara and there you have the blue peachy look with the Avon Aquadelic Palette limited addition.

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Easy Dulhan/Bridal Eye Make Up 2011

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By using Colour Works Make up Palette I created this very easy Dulhan/ Bridal make up. This make up will go well with ivory or cream colour dresses and some Asian wedding dresses.

Colour Works Eye Make Up Palette

Firstly I started by adding NYX primmer on both the eye lids. Read my review on back to basic’s to see how I have broken down the make up in easy steps.

I added shimmery cream colour from Famous by Sue Moxley. You can use any cream colour shade. I added this to the inner corner of my eye up and under the eye brow as a high light. This picture below is shown as an example. You can check out all the easy steps in back to basics.

Then I added the pink colour shade from the palette next to the inner corner up over the crease area towards the brow. Blend the pink in to the inner corner of your eye.

Going from left to right the 2nd shade pink

Then I added the darker shade of pink next to the pink shade up over the crease area towards the cream colour hight lighted area. Blend this in to the lighter pink shade.

From left to right 4th colour shade.

Then I took the black shade from the Colour Works Palette. I added this to the outer corner of my eye and blended this in to the darker shade of pink.

From left to right 1st shade.

With a wet slanted brush I created the lower line under my eye.

Then I added the black Liquid liner on the top of my eye with Rimmel Liquid Liner.

Finally I added Rimmel Mascara.

Once you know what colours go best with each other you will soon be able to do your eyes more quickly. Practice makes perfect, so keep mixing those colours.

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Easy Pink and Grey Eye Make Up Bollywood Style.

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First I put on NYX primmer on both eye lids.

Next I added Shimmery cream colour from Famous by Sue Moxley. I added this to the inner corner of my eyes and then just under the eye brow as the high light.

Then from the 120 Fraulein 3*8 Make Up Palette, I used the colour shown in the picture below.  Add this colour in the middle of the eye lid and up across the crease area. Blend into the inner corner cream colour shade.  Check out my review on back to basic as that shows how to add the eye shadow in  a fan shape across the eye.

Starting from left to right. I used the fifth colour in this row.

Now add the colour next to the one used shown below. Add this towards the outer corner of your eye up and over the crease area, up to the high light. Blend in to the lighter pink shade.

Starting from left to right. I then added the fourth colour in this row.

Finally add the grey from either the 120 palette or any grey you have to the outer corner of your eye up and across the crease area.  Blend this in to the darker shade of pink.

Starting from left to right. I added the fourth grey from this row.

To the bottom of my eye very close to the lower lash line I added black eye shadow from the 120 palette with a fine slanted brush. Wet the brush so that the eye shadow stays put for a long time.

Starting from left to right. The black shade was used for the bottom of my eye.

I used Rimmel Liquid Eye liner on top and then added Rimmel Glam Eyes Mascara.

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