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Rasta Eye Make Up Tutorial 2011

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This Rasta Look has been inspired by the lovely Rasta colours.  I think the Green, Black, Red and Yellow look so great together. Was supposed to be going to a Caribbean night at the local pub. Didn’t realize the night had been changed slightly to Pirates of the Caribbean. Well me and my partner made the most of the night we went in our Rasta hat, dreads and T-shirts.  And I just had to match my eyes to my Regea tea shirt.  I enjoyed creating this look.

I used 120 Fraulein Make Up Palette. Even though I used the red shade from the 120 palette it came out pink in my pictures and tutorial. I am guessing that is due to the flash on the camera. I also used Glam Metalics in Gold from Collection 2000. The look went really well with my Reggae T Shirt. Great music, great night, friends and family partied into the night. Check out my video to see how I created the Rasta Eye Make Up.

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Arabian Satin Green Eye Make Up Tutorial

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This look has been inspired by Arab make up. It’s fascinating that even though some Arabian ladies only show their eyes their make up is so fabulous. I have worked with Green from a make up palette called Colour Works. As we have just got over Christmas these Make Up Palettes were some of my presents.

You can watch this make up tutorial on you tube.

The Colour Works Make Palette .

Put Primer on your eye lid and add cellotape from the outer corner of your eye upwards to the end of your eye brow.

Add the green colour from the palette across the eye lid and up past the crease area.

Now add the black from the palette to the outer corner of your eye and blend with the green.


Take the lime colour from the palette and add this under the eye brow to give some high light.

Now Remove the cellotape.

Put on black liquid eye liner from Rimmel to your eye lid very close to the upper lashes.

Add the Gel Eye liner to just under the lower lash line. Colour in your water line with the Gel Liner.

Fill in your eye brow with pencil and add your favourite mascara.

The Arabian Green Satin look is complete.

You can watch this make up tutorial on you tube.

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