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Henna Design Inspired Owl Drawing 2014

Henna Design Inspired Owl Drawing.

Tabs Owl


Henna ( Mehndi )Designs Arabic and Indian Fusion 2012

Meow Pussy Cats

Here are some of the designs that I have created since my course in March 2012. Hope you like them!

Henna designs by Trendy Mehndi

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My Henna Course With Uwaisa Mehndi London 2012

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I finally plucked courage and booked my Henna course. I had been lucky as my birthday fell in the same month so this was a birthday present for me. I thoroughly enjoyed my two day intensive course with Uwaisa Mehndi Specialist Asian Bridal Make-up Artist and Henna Mehndi Artist in London

I had no idea at first whether I should be taking a beginners course or the intensive course so I  wrote an email to Uwaisa and also sent some pictures of my work. Uwaisa replied very promptly and she was very informative. After looking at what I was capable of Uwaisa advised me  that I should go straight on the intensive course.

I took her advice and took this course. It was a 1 to1 course with her and was built around the days I could get to London. I felt at ease when I saw a very friendly face at the door. Uwasia had all my course sorted out as she had already sent me the itinerary. Uwasisa covered all that I needed to know about henna and much more. She taught me techniques, the different types of henna designs, how to make my own henna, glitter and gems, how to make cones how to fill them and so much more. all my questions that I had wrote down were all answered with in the first day.

If you or anyone you know is looking for a henna course then I recommend this one as I feel much more confident since the course and my designs have changed so much since then, they got much better!

Here is the link to the course.  www.uwaisamehndi.com

Here is some of my work while I was training with Uwaisa.

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Squeezable Bottles With Metal Tips For Henna/Mehndi 2012

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Henna Squeezable bottles

I have always loved art and the art of drawing with Henna as a temporary tattoo is beautiful. I wish I was as good as some of the Henna artist, they have such a talent. I have watched a few You Tube videos and some of the designs I have seen are brilliant. I find it hard to draw with the already mixed tubes of henna. The henna tubes always seem to get blocked and the need of a pin is always necessary to unblock it.

Do you find that Henna gets stuck in the already mixed henna tubes, or are you forever trying to stick a pin at the front of the tube to open up the air holes. Do you find eventually the tube leaks and then you have henna all over your hands, well get your self these tiny squeezable bottles. They are brilliant.

The Pack was bought from Ebay and cost just under £10.00 including delivery. The delivery was very prompt soon after the order and packaging was very good.  The company is called Jagua and their website is http://www.jaguatatoo.co.uk.

This pack consists of 3 half oz bottles and 3 different size metal tips. The bottles are just big enough for you to add the Henna from the tubes that are already mixed up for you. Or you could mix up your own. They are very easy to use and the henna runs very smoothly from the metal nozzle.

Here are some patterns I did with my new henna bottles on some kitchen towel.  As I have only just received my henna bottles, I have not had a chance to put any on my hands. I was so amazed with the results that I wanted to share it with you all. I am looking forward to using the bottles on my hands.

Patterns drawn with henna bottle on kitchen towel

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