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Easy Henna Pattern On Hand And Feet with Henna Squeezable Bottles

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Squeezable bottles with metal tips from Jagua

As I have had a day or so to try out the new henna squeezable bottles here is what I have managed to do so for on the back of my hand and on my feet. Even though the henna runs freely from the bottles it’s something you have to get used to, it’s not the same as the tubes. So if you like the way the tubes run then you may not want to swap to these bottles. Also some shading is very hard with these bottles so you may need a fine tooth pick handy for that bit. I am having great fun experimenting with these henna bottles. And i don’t have to keep opening the hole at the front. Great stuff by Jagua.

The Henna I used was already mixed and called Dulhan Mehndi.

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Trendy Mehndi / Henna Body Art Designs 2011

Meow Pussy Cats

Henna Leaves

Henna or Mehndi is still a tradition and used in several countries for festivals and celebrations.  It has been used  to dye skin, hair, fingernails, leather and wool. Henna is widely used for body art. It’s made from either the henna leaf or a henna powder mixed with water. This is then left on the skin either over night or for a good few hours. The colour depends on the quality of the henna paste and your skin type. Henna’s colouring properties are due to Lawsone. This is a Burgundy Organic Compound that has an infinity for bonding with protein.

Henna Powder

Henna can be bought at Asian shops in powder form and already mixed in tubes. Though be careful as some already mixed henna does not give that desired burgundy colour. The powder is usually mixed with lemon Juice or strong tea or just water. It is then mixed into a toothpaste consistency. Then this is left  for about 12 hours, so the Lawsone has time to work. You will need a strong sandwich bag,  fold the bag into a cone shape leaving a very tiny hole at the end, fill the bag half way with the Henna mixture. Fold the top half over a few time and cellotape to secure the top. This should now look like a very small cake piping bag. You are ready to now start designing some henna designs. Once the henna is on your hands or feet let it dry and then with a cotton but add some olive oil on top to make it moist again.

Henna mixed into a paste consistency.

I have found some images of easy and difficult henna designs. Difficult designs are usually done professionally. But from Easy to the most difficult  henna designs they do all look stunning and Asian brides will have this put on there hands a week or so before they get married. The Henna night is known as the mehndi night. On this night the ladies get together and as well as carrying out other traditions on this night they also  put henna on their hands and feet, sing and dance. I guess a bit like a hen night.

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