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The Henna Experience With Glitter Gels & Gems 2012

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Here is another design by Trendy Mehndi. Its inspired by henna designs and created with the glitter and gems. Ideal for parties, night outs, clubbing, hen nights festivals and many more occasions. The great thing about these glitter designs  is that you have it done on the day of your event. The drying time is about 30minutes or more depending on how big the design is.  Then when you don’t want it any more you can wash it off. Ideal for kiddies as their is no stain and they also get the henna experience.

Glitter & Gem design by Trendy Mehndi 2012

The only way these glitter gels will come off is by washing them off. This picture bellow shows the design still there in the morning after an evening at a hen party the night before.

The design is still there in the morning minus the gems!


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Glitter Designs Inspired By Henna By Trendy Mehndi 2012

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Trendy Mehndi

Hey guys if you like the henna designs but don’t want the hands etc stained then why not have a glitter tattoo done. It looks sexy and can go to match your outfit, shoes, handbag. Treat your self on a special night out. Glitter designs usually need time to dry but once the design is dry it stays put through your occasion and then all you do is wash it off.  Body glitters are harmless as they are made of cosmetic glitter and hair gel and maybe some fragrant oil. If you are worried about the ingredients in the glitters  then make sure you ask for a skin test at least 24 hours to 48 hours before the day you want the design done.

Here are some designs from Trendy Mehndi.

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