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Henna ( Mehndi )Designs Arabic and Indian Fusion 2012

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Here are some of the designs that I have created since my course in March 2012. Hope you like them!

Henna designs by Trendy Mehndi

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Henna (Mehndi) Body Art Temporary Tattoos On Celebs 2012

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Lots of people like body art and henna (Mehndi) is a the temporary way of showing off  beautiful designs. The mixture of henna and glitter is stunning.  Take a look at some of the celebs I found that have had them done. Henna tattoos don’t just look nice while you are on holiday. They look nice on special occasions, weddings, Eid festivals and especially look nice in the summer when you can show them off.

Aleesha Dixon as seen on Asian Women Magazine

Depending on the henna paste that has been used, the colour could last for longer than two weeks, but often start to fade away with in the first week. Once the henna has been put on the skin, and the dried henna has been taken off the colour will appear very faint orange.  The henna will appear darker in the next few days.  The colour that you will get depends on what henna(Mehndi) that has been used. I have used Dulhan Henna cones that I bought on Amazon. The colour from them is a vibrant burgundy. If you have sensitive skin then a test is advised. Once the colour starts to fade you could soak in some warm salty water this will help remove most the rest of the stain.

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