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Fabulous Facial in just 8 steps 2011

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Try these 8 easy steps for a definite improvement in skin tone. Just once a month in the privacy of your own home, the beauty salon at your finger tips.

1)  Smooth on any cleansing cream over your face, leave it on for about 2 minutes. This gives time for grime to dissolve oils or stale make up. With a cotton wool gently smooth away the cleansing cream.

My perfect make up remover and cleansing cream

2)  Dampen your face with warm water. Then gently massage a blob of facial scrub, avoiding the delicate area around the eyes. This will loosen dead surface skin cells. Rinse away with warm water. Your face will feel softer and smoother preparing your complexion for the beneficial treatment to come.

3) Fill a bowl with boiling water kettle is fine. lean over the top capturing the steam with a towel placed over your head. Do this for about 5 minutes, to allow the steam to warm and soften the skin. If you suffer from very sensitive skin, or are prone to broken veins then you should avoid this step.

Boiling kettle water is fine to use.

4) Choose a Clay based facial mask if you have oily skin  and moisturising one if you have dry or normal skin. leave the mask on for 5 minutes or how ever long it is specified on the instruction leaflet.

Avon Clear Pore thermal mask

5) Rinse off the mask with warm water finishing off with a few splashes of cool water. This will help close your pores and freshen your skin. Pat dry with a towel.

6) Dot your skin with moisturiser and smooth in. Take this opportunity to massage your skin, as this encourages a brighter complexion and help reduce puffiness.

8) Smooth your under eye areas with a soothing eye cream to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

These are your eight steps to a home-made facial. Once a month is enough why not invite some friends over and have a girly night just pampering yourselves.

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Johnson’s Baby Lotion

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For years people  have wanted to find the best make up remover. Well I have not found one better than Johnson’s Baby Lotion. It removes the heaviest make up and leaves your skin feeling soft.
I have used face wipes but I wear a lot of eye make up so I find that I am using a lot of wipes.  Also sometimes face wipes don’t wipe away all the make up and leaves an oily residue on your face. Cotton wool and some Baby Lotion will remove most of your daily make up.

I have used Johnsons Baby Lotion for years and think it is the best make up remover for me.  All you need is cotton wool, pour a little on the cotton wool and away you go. Once you have removed the make up you can wash your face as you would normally.
So it’s not just for babies,its for you to.  The best make remover ever, and you can buy this at Boots, Super Drugs and any store that sells baby stuff. Once you try this you will not look for another make up remover.

Just a quick tip!
Facial wipes are good to clean your brushes. I have one out when I am about to put my make up on as I find cleaning the tips of brushes after use makes it easier for me when I want to use the same brushes again. This will help keep your brushes clean until they need the deep clean wash in soapy water. Keep one brush dedicated to black eye shadow as this is really hard to wash out.

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