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Spring/Summer Party Eye Make Up Sleek I- Divine Sparkle 2011

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Spring is already here and soon summer will be here to and this look is inspired by  all the beautiful flowers that grow in these months.

I created this look with 120 Fraulein 3*8 Make Up Palette and Sleek I-Sparkle. Both of these went so well together. If you take a look at my back to basic’s review you will see that I used the same technique to do this tutorial. It’s all about the blending. Blend, but not too much. I used the sponge applicator that comes with the Sleek I-Sparkle palette mostly, and then a slanted brush for under the lower lash line and a little at the top of my eye lid. This is all shown in the video. I always fill in my eye brows before I start the rest of the make up on my eyes, but some like to do that right at the end. The Mascara was added right at the end.

Please check out my video below. I hope you enjoy the video and the music which is Latin Jazz and Tequila.

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My Make Up Tutorials Adobe Premier Elements 8

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Just a little info on my Make Up Tutorials. The You tube video’s that I create are picture based with instructions. How many times have you watched a tutorial with so much chat going on that you actually forget what was said, and then had to go back to the beginning. I was trying to make and Asian sweet dish and tried to do it by watching the tutorial, the amount of times I had to keep going  back. If the cooking tutorial had been made like one of my videos then I could have stopped on each step and just simply read what to do next.

My video’s have been created with a lot of time and effort and I have tried making them as easy as I can. Each step has been Pictured and then loaded on to a program called Adobe Premier Elements 8. Once it has been loaded I edit each picture, and then add the instructions.I try to make the instructions very easy and clear.  So all you guys have to do is Play, Pause, Copy and play again. When I add music to the video’s I  try to match the song with the look so you get a feel of the look while I create it through the video. I know the music may not be to every ones choice, can’t please every one.  I love a variety of world music ranging from reggae, Latin Jazz, Instrumental, pop, rock and so on. If the beat makes me move then its good! I hope you enjoy watching my tutorials. I have fun making them and putting them together. If you like what you see  on my tutorials then please subscribe to my channel so that you get to see all my new tutorials. You could follow me on twitter cozimworthit2, You tube cozimworthit1.

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Asian Bride/Party Orange And Purple Eye Make UP

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This Look was inspired by Asian bridal dresses there all so colourful. This look was created with Sleek Sunset Make Up Palette, Rimmel black liquid liner and black mascara. Also black gel liner which was bought from Amazon. I have done a separate review on this.

Using my eye fan technique as mentioned in my back to basic’s blog, you will see that it is quite easy to create. Once each colour is on, you can then start to blend in the colours. Starting in the middle, blend this into the inner corner and the outer corner into the middle. Add the black at the end on the outer corner blending into the outer colour. Add the high light just under the eye brow. To Complete the look fill in the eye brows, add eye liner on top and bottom of your eyes and add mascara.

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Arabian Satin Green Eye Make Up Tutorial

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This look has been inspired by Arab make up. It’s fascinating that even though some Arabian ladies only show their eyes their make up is so fabulous. I have worked with Green from a make up palette called Colour Works. As we have just got over Christmas these Make Up Palettes were some of my presents.

You can watch this make up tutorial on you tube.

The Colour Works Make Palette .

Put Primer on your eye lid and add cellotape from the outer corner of your eye upwards to the end of your eye brow.

Add the green colour from the palette across the eye lid and up past the crease area.

Now add the black from the palette to the outer corner of your eye and blend with the green.


Take the lime colour from the palette and add this under the eye brow to give some high light.

Now Remove the cellotape.

Put on black liquid eye liner from Rimmel to your eye lid very close to the upper lashes.

Add the Gel Eye liner to just under the lower lash line. Colour in your water line with the Gel Liner.

Fill in your eye brow with pencil and add your favourite mascara.

The Arabian Green Satin look is complete.

You can watch this make up tutorial on you tube.

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