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Avon Deals and Best Buys Brochure 5

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Brochure 5 has a lot of great deals I can not show you all of them as there is so many so you will have to check the brochure out. If you have an Avon Representative then that is great. Other wise go to Avon website were you will find an Avon representative near you. I will leave the link at the end.

Avon has been around for years 125 years has just been celebrated by Avon. From the Make up, Skin care, hair products etc Avon is affordable and the yet the products are brilliant. If you haven’t tried Avon then You should.

Lets go through some of the deals:

New Ultra Colour Rich Moisture Seduction Lipstick normally £8.50 brochure 5 price £6.00

Beauty Palette creamy colours for lips and eyes in chic compact with a mirror normally £10.50 brochure 5 price £5.50

New Smooth Minerals Powder Foundation normally £10.50 brochure 5 price £5.50.

8 in 1 Palette, Neutral Tones normally £10.50 brochure 5 price £5.50. Blendalble crease proof colour.

New Onyx Lustre Trio-Shadow normally £8.00 Brochure 5 price £5.00

Youth Awakening Eyeshadow and Primer kit normally £10.00 brochure 5 price £7.00. Contains lifting primer and two shades.

Anew  Clinical Eye for all ages is now £10.00 in brochure 5 normally £18.50.

Advance techniques brushes from £1.60.

If you like the Skin So Soft range then check out brochure 5, you can buy 4 Skin So Soft products for £5.00

Shower gels for 99p.

Check your new brochure for all the deals in your Avon book.


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