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Mums Miracle Cures.

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For Years mum’s have passed on their miracle cures from generation to generation. So I have just listed a few, I am sure there is many more, may be you can comment and let me know of any your mums cures.

Ketchup on your hair, to get rid of the green shade that has developed by dying your hair. Normally happens to very light hair or blonde hair. Put ketchup on the green part and foil around your hair for at least 2 hours. (I know this sound awful but it does work)

For silky soft hair use full fat mayonnaise as a pre-shampoo. 

Lemon juice on your face to even out a bad suntan. 

Cotton buds soaked in potato or cucumber juice, on your eye to lighten any signs of the night before.

Black pepper and Fresh ginger in tea to unblock sinuses.

For digestion and  stomach aches, squeeze a lemon on to Pounded fennel seeds left to dry. Pre Prepare this.  Take a table-spoon of the fennel with a pinch of salt wash down with some water with out chewing.

Another aid for digestion is to add pounded fennel to tea.

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