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Threading Ancient Indian Method For Facial Hair Removal.

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1) Threading does not peel a layer of skin as compared to when waxing.

2) The growth of hair is very slow and leaves the skin very smooth.

3) It is very quick and precise.

3) Threading is an excellent choice for achieving the perfect classic eyebrow shape.

I learnt to thread a very long time ago.  But I could never do my own eye brows so I always ended up using a tweezer. I learnt the technique , it was a bit like cats cradle but with sewing cotton. If you want to have a go then take sewing cotton about 60cm. Make a loop out of it so you will have to knot it at one end. Then pick the cotton with both hands like cats cradle and twist the cotton anti clock wise or clock wise a few times. Now pick the cotton up with at both ends try to move the twist in the middle out and then back in, With your fingers  facing downwards, if you can see the twist moving in and out with ease then you can go ahead and try it. You should place the hair just before the twist so that when you run the twist along the hair is caught in it and pulled out.

Just to show were the twist should be and how the cotton should be held I used wool. But you can not use wool to do threading.

I can not do my own eye brows so just recently I went into Superdrugs and was given leaflet. Superdrugs now have a Threading Beautician at many of their UK branches.  This for me was so convenient as it was very local to me.

Brow Bar at Superdrugs Stores

I hadn’t had threading done for many years but i thought I would give it a go. It does not hurt and it’s quick. You don’t have to make an appointment just pay at the till and then show your receipt to the beautician. My eye brows cost £5.00 but prices vary according to location as it specifies this on the leaflet. You can have your upper lip, lower lip, chin, forehead, sides, neck and full face. All prices listed on the leaflet. This is all done at the store the only down fall is that you will most probably be sat by a window at the store or in full view of other customers walking by. This may put off some customers.

So if you are interested then pop into Superdrugs and pick up a leaflet. List of all Superdrugs branches that do threading can be found on the leaflet or I can tell you if they have one in your area from my leaflet.

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Avon French Manicure Kit With a Twist (Easy Technique).

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Avon French Manicure Kit

The Avon French Manicure Kit comes with a White and Nude nail polish. Also in the box you will find a pack of 30 tiny stickers. Each sticker is quite small and shaped in a half a circle shape.  Enough stickers so you can try this a few times.

Here’s how I put on Avon French manicure.  Some of my customers have said that it’s just too hard, not at all. It’s actually very easy and is just as good as the salon French Manicure. Let me show you how. Add the sticker strips to your clean nails. Add them just were you would like the white nail polish from the French Manicure to start. Don’t worry about sticking the sticker to your finger around the sides just make sure it is stuck down on the nail as shown.

Avon Stickers

Now your nails are ready for the white nail polish. Add the polish to the tips of your nails up to the sticker strip.  I usually do two coats, leave your nails to dry.

Avon white Nail Polish added to the tips of my nails

Once the tips are dry slowly peel off the white stickers. If the white looks like it has gone over the nail a bit then don’t worry, as once you add the glitter nail polish at the end you will not see this. You could get a cotton bud and clean the nail if you like.

Now add the Nude shade across the whole of the nail and put two coats on.

After the Nude nail polish has dried, add some glitter nail polish on top I have used silver one from the pack of glitter nail polishes that I bought  from Claires Acessorise I thinks the set of glitter nail polishes was £8.00. The pack had a silver, gold, red, pink, blue and purple glitter nail polishes.

After this has dried finally add top coat to finish your nails. I know this is a lot of coats but it does last for about 2 weeks, well it does for me.

Silver Glitter Nail Polish from Claires Accessorise

Avon French Manicure With A Twist

Check out my Step by step You Tube Tutorial for the Avon French Manicure Kit.

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