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My Review on 120 Fraulein 3*8 Make Up Palette.

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120 Fraulein 3*8 Make Up Palette

I used the 120 Fraulein Make Up Palette for some of my tutorials. There is a mixture of colours in this palette. Some are shimmery and some are matt. There is a wide range of different colour high lights as well. The Different colours of gold in the Fraulein 120 Palette range from bronze to a very light gold. With these rain bow colours it is not hard to create the most dramatic eye catching looks. . In every shade there are plenty of light and dark. Create your day look to amazing dazzling night looks.

If you have bought this palette then you will agree it was well worth it.  If you  are thinking of buying this then I will leave Fraulein’s link at the bottom as they have some good deals on. Unfortunately I bought mine from Amazon and didn’t realize that Fraulein were giving away a 31 piece brush set as well as the 120 palette at the same price I paid. I won’t be making that mistake again.

Here’s some of the dramatic looks I have created with the 120 Fraulein 3*8 Make Up palette. 

I haven’t tried all the colours but the ones I have used have all been brilliant. Every time I open the palette its like a box of chocolates. Too many to choose from.

Check out the Fraulein 3*8 website as they have a 15% off at the moment. From funky false nails to make up boxes check it out.

This 28 Fraulein 3*8 Palette is only £8.99 at the moment will make a great gift for some one.


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