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Bollywood Style Make Up and Bindi’s

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Colour Bindi's

Bindi’s are these little bright coloured fashion accessories that a lot of people wear. They are used by a lot of Asian communities as they go so well with all the colourful clothes Sari’s etc. People from all kinds of back grounds like these bindis. They look so nice just in the middle of your forehead. They complement your eye make up your jewellery and your clothes. It’s a trend and a fashion to wear these. They look good at party’s, weddings, birthday’s in fact a lot of occasions. They are sticky on the back so you can stick them any where. You will be able to use these a few times.

They can be bought at an Asian Jewellery shop or Asian clothes shop. You could look on-line. They do sell them on Ebay but not a big selection, I bought mine a while ago Ebay had a better selection then.

I have used these in my Pink and Yellow Bollywood style make up tutorial. I created this look with 120 Fraulein 3*8 Make Up Palette, Gel liner Rimmel Glam Crystal in silver and finished the look off with Bindis in each outer corner of my eye. I also added a pink one in the middle of my fore head just in between my eye brows. 

Check it out. 

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