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Sleek Makeup Review (Divine mineral based eye shadow palette)

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These eye shadows are excellent, the colours come out exactly as you see them in the palette. I was really surprised that you only have to use such a small amount. They are mineral based so a little on the brush is enough.  I bought  the Divine, mineral based eye shadow palette Sunset 568.

I will buy more as I am having a really great time experimenting with these colours. Normally when I buy eye shadows the colours never appear the same once it’s on my eyes. I have seen tutorials on Mac and Bobbi brown make up and they are really good but very expensive. But Sleek won’t break the bank. I bought mine through Amazon from a company called The Beauty Pot.  Though I think you can buy Sleek make up in Some Superdrug shops and lots of Afro Caribbean shops.

This eye shadow suits all types of skin tones from white skin to dark skin, including Asian  and everything between.  These eye shadows are highly recommended for all types and the colour lasts for hours. Just check out the colours close up bellow.

The Palette is a lovely cute size and has one applicator with a mirror in it. I have picked a few of the colours from the palette and put then on the back of my hand just to show you how true the colours are.

Here I have experimented with some of the shades. They are so easy to blend with each other as you can see in these pictures.

Hey, if I can do it I am sure you can do it to.  Just experiment with colours even if you think they don’t go together, and you will see the different shades you can create once you start blending the colours.
I am totally impressed and once again I will be investing in more Sleek products. Why? Coz I’m worth it.


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