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Hot Winter Tips for a healthier 2011

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1)    Inactivity is a major cause of cellulite so walk more. There are so many boots and shoes that have been proven to burn four times more body fat than the normal conventional foot wear. Ranging from Earth Pride, Sketchers, and many more.

2)    Eat healthy, so eat plenty of oily fish such as mackerel, sardines, trout, halibut and salmon. The Highly unsaturated omega 3 fat found in oily fish has been proven to help reduce body fat in humans.

3)   If you like a little drink then swap the booze for low-calorie drinks or non alcoholic drinks .

4)   If you have your five a day then swap the banana, pineapple, mango, grapes and dates for berries such as strawberries. blackberries etc.

5)   Try and do a few squats and lunges. Squats can be hard so go down as far as you can go and just push your self a little to further next time.

6)   Cold showers and baths are not just good for all them sports guys. By contrasting showers from hot to cold you will rejuvenate an immediate boost circulation and lymph drainage.

7)   Light jogging or even running is good fun if you do it in intervals rather than continuous running or jogging.  This helps to stimulate your cellulite tissues. Boosts your metabolism and burns fat.

8)   Eating a lot of sugar is the number one cause of cellulite. It may cause things such as skin ageing and inflammation. Try sugar-free chocolate from Harrods

9)   Massage is good, so don’t be shy massage your thighs and bum for ten minutes every day. All you need is a small amount of cream and massage vigorously in a kneading action. Palmers Cocoa butter cream is really good.

10)    The best time to eat carbs such brown rice, pasta , hard-boiled potatoes etc is immediately after exercise. That is the only time carbs will end up in your muscles instead of your bottom.

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