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Sleek I- Divine Sparkle Make Up Palette Review

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This Is another great Make Up Palette from Sleek.  All the colours are very pigmented and they have glitter embedded into each shade. Once applied not only are the colours very vibrant but they shimmer with the glitter.  Sleek can be bought from Ebay, Amazon and lots of Afro Caribbean shops. And from Sleek Make Up Website. http://www.sleekmakeup.com

Created with SLeek I- Sparkle and Sunset.

The colours blend into each other so well.  I have put the colours on the back of my hand to show what the colours are like. There is no white or cream in this palette. But there is one plain black and one glitter black/Grey. 

Sleek I- Sparkle Make Up Palette

Cranberry, Dream Maker, Galactic, Twinkle, Star Light, Noir  is the top row in the palette from left to right.

Illusion, Festive, Mistletoe, Glitz and Glamour, Gold Ribbon, Tinsel bottom row in the palette from left to right.

This is definitely another good buy from Sleek Make Up. I have yet to try the new Sleek Primer Palette, so as soon as I can I will do a review on that.

This palette was a present and was bought from Amazon.

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Bride and Party Eye Make UP with Sleek I-Sparkle Palette

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This look has been inspired by Asian Brides and its a party look. The new sleek I-Sparkle Palette has been used for this look and Sleek eye dust. The colours blend in very well together.  The I-Sparkle eye shadows are mineral based and you only need a little on the brush. Blending these colours is so easy. Each colour apart from plain black has glitter in them. When these colours are added to the eyes the glitter sparkles hence the name I guess. Another lovely palette to work with. This palette is a Limited edition. But I think you can still get this on Amazon.

Take a look at the video I created with the Sleek I-Sparkle Palette.

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Arabic, Egyptian, Indian and Caribbean Make Up New 2011

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All these looks on this video have been created with different brands of make up. Famous makes such as Estee Lauder, Sleek Make up, 120 Fraulein 3*8, Famous by Sue Moxley, Collection 2000 and many more. I don’t use many brushes for my make up so the main ones I use are the sponge applicators that come with Sleek Make Up Palettes. I also use a thin slanted brush to add eye shadow to the lower lash line. Sometime I will use a blending brush and smudge brush.

The Video tutorials are created on a Lumix Panasonic TZS Camera and then edited on Adobe Premier Elements  8. All these looks were created by me and then each stage was pictured. Then I edited all the pictures on Adobe Photoshop Elements 8. After the pictures are edited I transfer them over to Adobe Premier Elements 8 to make the video. This is where I add all the captions to each picture. Once the captions have been put on I decide on what music will go with the tutorial and add this. Then finally I am ready to upload the video for all my friends to see.

All these looks have been inspired by lots of countries, family and friends. I love experimenting with different shades and love it when they go together so well. Every day I get ready to go to work and even though I tell my self that I will not put any eye shadow on I always end up with it on. I just can’t help it. The best thing is receiving compliments every where I go. Nice compliments always give me a boost and inspire me to do more. Thanks to all  my lovely  friends and family who have given me the strength and inspiration to carry on.

I have put together some of l my looks that I have created so far, Hope you like this video. Any nice comments are welcome and if you like what you have read and see, then please  subscribe and get  an update every time I add something new to my blog or You Tube.       

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My Make Up Tutorials Adobe Premier Elements 8

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Just a little info on my Make Up Tutorials. The You tube video’s that I create are picture based with instructions. How many times have you watched a tutorial with so much chat going on that you actually forget what was said, and then had to go back to the beginning. I was trying to make and Asian sweet dish and tried to do it by watching the tutorial, the amount of times I had to keep going  back. If the cooking tutorial had been made like one of my videos then I could have stopped on each step and just simply read what to do next.

My video’s have been created with a lot of time and effort and I have tried making them as easy as I can. Each step has been Pictured and then loaded on to a program called Adobe Premier Elements 8. Once it has been loaded I edit each picture, and then add the instructions.I try to make the instructions very easy and clear.  So all you guys have to do is Play, Pause, Copy and play again. When I add music to the video’s I  try to match the song with the look so you get a feel of the look while I create it through the video. I know the music may not be to every ones choice, can’t please every one.  I love a variety of world music ranging from reggae, Latin Jazz, Instrumental, pop, rock and so on. If the beat makes me move then its good! I hope you enjoy watching my tutorials. I have fun making them and putting them together. If you like what you see  on my tutorials then please subscribe to my channel so that you get to see all my new tutorials. You could follow me on twitter cozimworthit2, You tube cozimworthit1.

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The Blue and Orange Make Up Tutorial

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This look was created with Sleek Sunset palette. check out my review on this blog about the Sleek Make Up Palette. This palette has wonderful vibrant colours. Have a look at my tutorial to see how I created this dramatic look. I used the blue, orange, red and gold from the same palette. And to finish this look i used Black liquid liner from Rimmel and Gel eye liner. The Mascara I have used is Super Shock Mascara by Avon.

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Sleek Makeup Review (Divine mineral based eye shadow palette)

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These eye shadows are excellent, the colours come out exactly as you see them in the palette. I was really surprised that you only have to use such a small amount. They are mineral based so a little on the brush is enough.  I bought  the Divine, mineral based eye shadow palette Sunset 568.

I will buy more as I am having a really great time experimenting with these colours. Normally when I buy eye shadows the colours never appear the same once it’s on my eyes. I have seen tutorials on Mac and Bobbi brown make up and they are really good but very expensive. But Sleek won’t break the bank. I bought mine through Amazon from a company called The Beauty Pot.  Though I think you can buy Sleek make up in Some Superdrug shops and lots of Afro Caribbean shops.

This eye shadow suits all types of skin tones from white skin to dark skin, including Asian  and everything between.  These eye shadows are highly recommended for all types and the colour lasts for hours. Just check out the colours close up bellow.

The Palette is a lovely cute size and has one applicator with a mirror in it. I have picked a few of the colours from the palette and put then on the back of my hand just to show you how true the colours are.

Here I have experimented with some of the shades. They are so easy to blend with each other as you can see in these pictures.

Hey, if I can do it I am sure you can do it to.  Just experiment with colours even if you think they don’t go together, and you will see the different shades you can create once you start blending the colours.
I am totally impressed and once again I will be investing in more Sleek products. Why? Coz I’m worth it.

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