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Inspired by 1920’s and Art Deco Make Up Tutorial

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The 1920's Make Up look

This has been a great inspiration as I love the 1920’s look. The Ladies looked glamorous and so elegant. Their make, clothes, hair, scarves just about everything was fabulous then. Another thing that inspired me to do this was a birthday card, Art Deco from Watermark Publishing Ltd. The lady on this card is so lovely.  I don’t have all the feather’s etc but I tried to create the 1920’s with what I had. by reviewing some 1920’s pictures and tutorials I came up with this version. I took pictures of every stage and then put the pictures on to a video.

The use of black eye liner, 120 Fraulein Make Up Palette, Sleek Wonderlast Lippy and Colour works bronzer for the blusher. I used a scarf for the head wrap and a headband with a embroidered motif. I really enjoyed creating this look.

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The video was created on Adobe Premier 8 and the pictures were taken on my Panasonic Lumix camera, some pictures are in colour and some in Sepia mode

I hope you enjoy my tutorial. 


Caribbean Sunset with sleek Make Up

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Caribbean Sunset Make Up Tutorial has been created with Circus I-divine eye shadow palette, Sleek Black Dip It Liner and Wonderlast Berry Blush lippy with gloss. Inspired by the Caribbean as the colours in the Circus I-Divine Make Up Palette remind me of those breath-taking sunsets. For this look I also used blusher from Estee Lauder and mascara from Rimmel.

Just by following the step by step tutorial you could also create this look. Hope you enjoy the video and music by Black Princess, Eternal Flame. 

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Sleek Circus I-Divine Make Up Palette Review

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The Circus I-Divine is such a great eye shadow palette. The colours are just so vibrant and remind me of the Caribbean.  I have put all the colours on the back of my hand so you can see how vibrant the colours are.  This is the palette I will be and would take on Holiday as it has all my favourite colours.

I also recently bought Sleek Black Dip it. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get used to using this, A lot of the liquid liner ends up on my lashes. But once it is on it lasts for a long time. I have used Rimmel Liquid Liner for years so I guess the change is hard for me. I bought the Sleek dip it from Super drugs.

The third Item I am going to tell you about is the Wonderlast lippy and gloss. The lippy comes with the lip gloss on one end and the lippy on the other. By adding the lippy on and then the lip gloss you can achieve those glamour plump lips. I bought this from Super drugs.

So my best buy will have to be the Circus I -Divine Eye Shadow Palette. I bought mine on Ebay. So If you want to grab one for yourself then you better be quick as this a limited addition.

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