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The only sweatbands that jingle, shimmer and shine while you dance.

The New Dance Wrist-Sweatbands. The only sweatband that jingle, shimmer and shine while you dance. Fun attractive and effective. I wear mine to Zumba and Bokwa I think they look great,  and you definitely stand out in the class.

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Happy dancing!

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New Dance Sweatbands 2013 for Zumba, Bokwa, keep fit and belly dancing

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New dance, Zumba,  Bokwa, belly dancing, and keep fit wrist sweatbands with a difference. These sweatbands are decorated with silver coins and beads to make an attractive and fun accessory to your work out. All the comfort and advantages of traditional wristbands but with a classy shine and shimmer.  Shimmer and jingle while you work out.

They are very comfortable, elasticated and absorbent as you’d expect, but they have light beads and coins hand-sewn to them so they shimmer and jingle while you dance.  All the accessories are sewn at one end of the band, so it has all the benefits of a sweatband but looks more attractive; especially when you Zumba, Bokwa, keep-fit and belly-dance. Ditch the towel!

Great for group dances, festivals, group entertainment even flash mobs. 

Great introductory price £5.00 get them at this price while you can.

Click here for ebay:  http://r.ebay.com/ADahle

Click here for You Tube : New Dance Wrist/Sweatbands 2013

Happy dancing!

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Zumba The Best Dance Work Out Ever

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You must have heard of this latest craze, it’s the best work out ever and has been around for over 10 years, thanks to Beto Perez.

Beto is the founder of this dance and he is from Colombia. He forgot the tapes one day for his fitness class and all he had was his own Latin, Salsa and Meringue tapes with him. So he rose to the challenge and impovised his class with non-traditional aerobics. The class enjoyed this fitness routine so much he kept it, and it has since become very popular.  And so Zumba Fitness  was born and has become popular all over the world.

Well that is some history about Zumba, but the actual work out from my experience is really good. I love to dance so this is an excellent way to exercise. The hypnotic rhythm  just makes you to carry on dancing.  And Beto is right, you have to feel the music to be able to move to it.  Zumba is a combination of Salsa, Meringue, Columbia, Reagaton, hip hop and much more.
You don’t have to be a dancer to do Zumba as the work-outs have been created from basic’s, advanced and power. So start at the beginning and work your way up to a healthy body. 

Go to the Zumba link and check it out.  www.zumbafitness.co.uk
You want to feel and look good don’t ya?  Well go ahead and do a little Zumba!

Check out the  Dance Wrist-Sweatbands. Great for Zumba, Bokwa, belly dancing and keep fit. Ditch the towel. A Great accessory to your dance routines.

http://r.ebay.com/ADahle click here to purchase sweatbands on ebay.

New Dance Wrist/Sweatbands 2013 click here to see them on You Tube.

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