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Back to Basics.(Smokey Eye look Made Easy)

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How to put on basic eye shadow without all those brushes and cellotape.  Its quick and easy and looks really dramatic. I have done some sketches and I apologise now there not that good. The sketches of all the different stages is just to show you how easy basic eye shadow is. I also put a video together so you can watch the step by step tutorial. In the sketches bellow I have left the eye lashes off some of the sketches on purpose also I have used beige, brown and dark brown pencils to shade in the eye. In the video I have used silver, medium silver and darkest silver from the 120 Fraulein 3*8 Make Up Palette. Don’t forget to put primer on before you start to do your eyes. I use NYX eye primer. I am not a make up artist I am self taught and this is how I learnt how to do basic eye shadow. 

1) Ok lets Start with my first sketch. Think of your eye as a fan. when you start to add eye shadow try to divide the eye into three sections, with a little section left under the eye brow.

2) Choose the lightest shade and add this to the inner corner of your eye up towards your eye brow.I have used a cream colour shade. Shade across the eye lid as far as I have shown in this sketch. I have drawn lines on the sketches just to give you an idea.


3) Now Add the brown to the middle of your eye lid and leave a little space just under the eye brow. You can blend this into the lightest shade or leave till the end

4) The darkest of your colours is to be added to the outer corner of your eye again leaving enough space for you hight light. Blend this shade into the middle shade. also add this to just under the lower lash line.

Add the high light just under the eye brow. Your eye is nearly ready. Add eye liner to the top of your eye close to the upper lash line. I use Rimmel liquid liner but you can use kajal or pencil if you are more comfortable with this. Also add eye liner to the bottom of your eye close to the lower lash line. Fill in your eye brow with eye brow pencil and add your mascara. This all seems a lot to do, but once you do this more times you will realize that it doesn’t take that long. Practise this with different colours ranging from the lightest on the inner corner of your eye lid and the darkest at the outer corner of your eye lid.

5) Blend the shades and add the high light

Check out my video on Back to Basics

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