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Tutankhamun Eye Make Up The Boy King of Egypt

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This look has been inspired by Tutankhamun the boy king of Egypt. I find the pyramids, The valley of the kings etc so amazing.

I saw this gold eye liner in Boots and just got the idea from that to create this look. The gold eye liner is from Collection 2000 Glam Metallics. There was many more colours and I was tempted to buy more especially with this deal buy 3 for the price of 2. They are £2.99 each.

These Glam Metallics eye liners are great they just glide on, and are great to give you that Glam look. As I went a bit wild I found that it took a while to take off the gold from my eyes. I used Johnson’s Baby Lotion and wet wipes. So I guess The staying power of these Glam Metallics is long-lasting.

I will create some other looks with the Glam Metacllics so watch this space.

Take a look at my video and see how I created the Tutankhamun Eye Make Up. 

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